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Test Studio R2 2020 SP1

September 10, 2020

Test Studio R2 2020 SP1(v. 2020.2.910)


  • OCR Verification support for WPF apps - With Test Studio’s Recorder extract a text from an image and validate it with a verification step.

  • OCR Extraction support for WPF apps - Extract content from an image and assign it to a variable. Use it in actions, verifications or coded steps.

  • Enable scroll type for RadInput and RadAsyncUpload steps.


  • Browsers: detection for fresh install of latest 64 bit Chrome browser versions

  • Load Tests: problem with wrong .resx path on rename Load test that breaks profile responses

  • Recording: random crashes of Recorder in JS Browsers in Telerik.TestingFramework.Hosts.Manager

  • ResponsiveWebTests: now use correct code template when converting steps to code

  • Scheduling: running distributed scheduled runs with ResponsiveWebTests randomly breaks a machine state and scheduling service

  • WPF: add image verification step for WPF tests from recording step builder

  • WPF: specific client fix for WPF GetPopups

  • WPF: product crash when editing WPF element and using Replace Element logic from find expression DOM


  • New communication mechanism to Improve Load test distribution and test initialization for scheduled runs

  • Rearrange ScrollToVisibleType property list from Top-Bottom-Center to Top-Center-Bottom

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