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Release History

Test Studio R2 2020

August 4, 2020

Test Studio R2 2020(v. 2020.2.804)


  • Responsive Testing - Record and run web tests on simulated mobile device in Chrome or Edge. Choose a device from a predefined list or specify a custom one.

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Features:
    • Verify Image - Automate verification of logos, static images, charts or any other element by visual comparison.

    • OCR Verification - With Test Studio’s Recorder extract a text from an image and validate it with a verification step.

    • OCR Extraction - Extract content from an image and assign it to a variable. Use it in actions, verifications or coded steps.

  • Manual DOM refresh and auto-refresh pause/resume inside the Recorder – A powerful solution for the cases when constantly reloading elements trigger multiple refreshes of the DOM which prevents the user from working normally with it.

  • Remote execution machines dialog handler updates - From within Test Studio update all your remote machines with the latest dialog handlers.

  • New translator for the Numeric TextBox Telerik UI for Blazor control


  • UI/ElementExplorer: Fixed an issue where using 'Locate in DOM' option is not properly selecting the element.

  • UI/ElementExplorer: 'Load Application' is now disabled when working with 'dummy'(not mapped) elements.

  • UI/ElementExplorer: Fixed an issue where FindExpression builder is not correctly working for hierarchical find logic.

  • UI/Dashboard: Fixed an issue where Edge Chromium browser type is not showing in the Dashboard results.

  • UI: Fixed a crash when creating a new test and Project pane is collapsed.

  • UI: Chrome is now the 'default' browser for Test Studio, unless specified otherwise.

  • UI: A Registry constant was added to control the 'QuickExecute' Console visibility.

  • UI: Removed the not working option 'Add Element' from 'StepFailure' DOM.

  • UI: Fixed losing entries in Recent Projects list.

  • Scheduling: Major improvement in Scheduling Performance when working with huge Load tests and data sets.

  • Scheduling: Fixed an issue where Scheduling runs where stuck due to service restart.

  • LicenseUI: License wizard will now display Test Studio's version and build type in the bottom corner.

  • Licensing: Fixed a License related issue when creating 'Load' test type without the proper authorization.

  • Framework: Fixed a framework issue related to app under test setting 'window.top' to 'null' or 'undefined' that causes 'CheckBox' states to not be verifiable.

  • Load: Minor improvement in Load tests' 'DynamicTargets' when selecting a step source and/or target.

  • Load: Added 'Description' to Load result Excel export.

  • CodeGeneration: Fixed an issue where Page.g.vb(VB.NET element repository) is not correctly generated for WPF apps.

  • Recording: 'ScrollLock' key will now freeze InternetExplorer and WPF recorders.

  • Recording: 'Change Display Resolution' will be now be retried if it fails.

  • Recording: Removed a 'Warning' dialog when attaching to specific WPF apps.

  • Recording: Fixed an issues that caused VisualStudio to crash when attaching a WPF Recorder.

  • Recording: Fixed Highlight misalignment for WPF ViewBox container.

  • Recording: All browser instances will now be closed when launching Recorder of the same browser type.

  • Recording: Fixed a WPF Recorder crash related to having more than one 'Dispatcher' thread.

  • Recording: Added 'Caption' to WPF recording window.

  • Execution: Change display settings now works on Windows Server 2019.

  • Execution: Fixed an issue with click action in Right-To-Left WPF app.

  • Execution: Fixed an issue that was causing all Internet Explorer instances to be closed before starting execution.

  • Dialogs: Fixed dialog handling for Edge Chromium on Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

  • Dialogs: Fixed Log-on dialog handling for Firefox 75+.

  • Silverlight: Silverlight recording and execution are now supported only in InternetExplorer.

  • VisualStudio Plug-in: Fixed a runtime error in VisualStudio when extending the 'BaseWebAiiTest' class.

  • VisualStudio Plug-in: Fixed a bug that was causing error in VisualStudio when deleting the last step of a test.

  • Test Studio for APIs: Test Studio for APIs will now show a proper error message if 'Web & Desktop' license is activated.

  • Fixed problem related to not saving variables in tests.


  • Scheduling: All remote execution machines running pre '2020.R2' build must be upgraded in order to function properly.

  • Browsers: Chrome and Edge Chromium extensions now require 'Debugger' permission for supporting Responsive Web tests. This acceptance cannot be done automatically so each machine will require the user to log-in and manually 'Accept' the extension update in the browser.

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