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Release History

Test Studio R2 2019 SP1

September 3, 2019

Test Studio R2 2019 SP1(v. 2019.2.903)


  • Added support for latest VisualStudio 2017/2019 Test Window

  • Improved 'Dynamic Targets' for Load testing. Added validation error(s) if the destination field name contains spaces

  • Added minor UI improvements in 'Capture traffic' grid for Load tests

  • Added "application/json" content type for data bound requests in Load testing

  • Improved Image capturing for Web recording sessions to better pick element's image

  • Improved image recognition on different Scaling and DPI settings

  • Test Studio for APIs: Add support for variable references in source path expressions

  • Test Studio for APIs: Add setting to allow deserializing DateTime values to string instead of DateTime object

  • Test Studio for APIs: Add the ability to ignore certificate check for https requests


  • Browsers: trigger AddEventListener for Span 'onClick' event

  • Customer fix: VisualStudio 2019 'Welcome Screen' input fields are disabled with Test Studio extensions enabled

  • Customer fix: Test Studio crashes trying to connect to TFS when opening results for specific projects

  • VisualStudio integration: Creating new test with any name creates {default}.imagestore file

  • VisualStudio integration: Creating test in folder breaks its paths and test cannot be opened

  • Recording: Highlighting context menu truncated in InternetExplorer

  • Data: Rebinding data bound test corrupts excel file

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