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Test Studio R2 2019

June 19, 2019

Test Studio R2 2019(v. 2019.2.619)


  • Image-Based Find Logic - Test Studio now supports element search based on predefined images. The 'Web' recorder will now capture both element's FindExpression and its Image. If the FindExpression fails the execution will fall back to the predefined image. You can also add a new element image or edit and update already recorded one either by directly uploading a new file or by using the in-house image recorder.

  • New in-product help guides - Click on the "rocket" button inside Test Studio panels for some relevant help info or run an end-to-end guided tutorial from the Get Started tab of the Welcome Screen.

  • Visual Studio 2019 support - full support of Test Studio's VS plugin, added project Tags support.

  • Stability and performance improvements to the Results view when large number and large in size results are being loaded and reviewed.

  • Ability to copy/paste and multiselect dynamic target items inside Load Testing.

  • Testing Framework - Added support for Image find and image compare methods.


  • Scheduling: Exception during remote execution in ArtOfTest.Runner.exe with dialog handling.

  • Scheduling: Machines could remained reserved during specific remote execution scenario.

  • Scheduling: No vertical scrollbar in Scheduler machines list view.

  • Scheduling: No error is logged when NativeProcessStarter in Scheduling.Client fails to start a process.

  • Scheduling: Default path to Mongodb.exe for clean installations is pointing to v3 instead of v4.

  • Scheduling: A rare race condition could prevent the release of machines reserved for specific test list remote execution.

  • Scheduling: The Scheduling.Client.exe process does not retry in case reviving a long running scheduling process fails.

  • Scheduling: When Out-of-memory exception is risen in RemoteExecutor.exe the process is not restarted.

  • Results: Exporting report to HTML throws exception with specific project.

  • Results: Out-of-memory exception opening specific remote results with many failing iterations.

  • Results: For performance reasons all local results are no longer loaded into memory.

  • Results: Test Studio becomes unresponsive after results loading.

  • TestExplorer: Multiple steps selection appears in gray not in yellow.

  • Properties: MultiSelect step properties in Test Studio UI do not show recorded selections.

  • IE Recorder: Incorrect data recorded when automating MultiSelect control in IE.

  • Recorder: Unable to record in iframe in customer's application.

  • PerfTests: Performance data from performance counters is not gathered.

  • Execution: Implement recovery mechanism for proxy reset in case of performance scheduled run proxy crash.

  • Execution: DPI settings different from 100% in Windows 7 cause Chrome execution to misplace Desktop clicks.

  • Optimization: Multiple threads are created by instantiation of ElementsProvider and not clearing it which causes increasing memory footprint.

  • Framework: Download Dialog Handler now respects the InitializationTime property.

  • Load: Duplicated custom dynamic targets are not saved.

  • DataDriven: Implemented a helpful warning to show the user that the ODBC driver is not installed.

  • Added new "Comment" type step.


  • Redesigned Welcome View

  • Redesigned scheduler to run sequential tests in static non-distributed lists and reserve machines for the whole test list execution.

  • Reduced Scheduling memory retentions. Less Out-of-memory exceptions.

  • Added auto recovery for remote Scheduling processes.

  • Configure Scheduling Server approach to restart MongoDB/Storage/Scheduling Services changed to fix Unable To Start Service random cases.

  • Removed the automatic enabling of 'ClosesBrowser' property for last action step in specific cases when closing pop-ups.

  • Added minimum value of 20000 mSec for RunnerResponseTimeout Test List setting.

  • Extended support for JS errors check.

  • Memory optimization in Results tab, resulsts load faster.

  • Standalone Results Viewer can now load multiple results at once.

  • Test Studio now requires C++ Redistributable 2017

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