Test Studio

Release History

Test Studio R2 2017 SP1

August 24, 2017

Test Studio R2 2017 (v. 2017.2.824)

Test Studio:

- TFS 2017 support
- Git Credentials Management options added
- Added support for TLS1.2 in Load test execution
- New Chrome Recorder and Execution extensions 2017.2.823 available in Google Play
- Exposed new wrappers for add points collection to Wpf Polygon and Polyline
- Chrome 59 support for Alert, Confirm, Prompt and Logon dialogs

Test Studio for APIs:
- Added feature to disable test cases, test steps and actions (verifications and conditions)
- Improved runtime variables: added a "Clear All Runtime  Variables" button in the Variables pane, delete  old .variables  files on project close
- Show Expected/Actual information for failed verifications and conditions in the verifications' UI
- Add TLS 1.1 and 1.2 support for secured requests

Test Studio:

- Browsers support: Ajax listener exception for cross-domain iframes in Firefox and MS Edge
- Browsers support: SetText throws unknown error when executed in MS Edge and the string contains double quotes
- Browsers support: select by text/value throws unknown error when text/value contains double quotes in MS Edge
- Load testing: Wrong order of specific parameters in request query during load testing run
- Recording/Execution: Load page with base url not possible as Record button is disabled
- Recording/Execution: Internet Explorer does not record/run tests on clean installations without Team Explorer
- Recording/Execution: Navigate step Load Page option does not parse correct address when using BaseUrl
- Recording/Execution: Run To Here problem for navigate step with BaseURL
- Results: Result file exported to TRX displays the same duration for all tests
- Results: Result file exported to TRX could not be opened in VS if the result has Not Run tests status
- Results: Result file exported to TRX shows start/end times of test list for all tests
- Results: Remote run result with Multibrowser execution exported to TRX generates wrong trx
- Results: Result file exported to TRX overal result is always Completed status
- Scheduling: scheduling distributed test list with Get Latest from TFS option executes the first test only on one of the execution machines
- Scheduling: Send mail for local scheduled run with failed result and html attachments
- Scheduling: fixed problem with sending mails after scheduled job is completed
- UI: Long remote paths in Recent projects properly displayed

Test Studio for APIs:
- Product crash when using Turkish characters in Folder names
- Product crash when running test in a project that contains folder and test case in it with the same name and path
- Product crash when running a test once its parent folder is renamed
- Moving a test case after its parent was renamed creates a duplicated test

Test Studio:

- Removed requirement for Team Explorer on machines without Visual Studio
- Scheduled run with Get Latest from TFS uses new unique tfs workspace
- Improved Chrome tab handling for Recording and Execution
- Make Chrome execution extension configurable through ClientReady timeout
- Check for Update uses new download service

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