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Release History

Test Studio R2 2017

May 30, 2017

Test Studio R2 2017 (v. 2017.2.530)

Test Studio Web & Desktop
- Test Lists: added options to search/filter tests in Static Test Lists
- Test Lists: added test list property for browser auto calibration
- Scheduling: added capability for browser calibration on remote execution servers from Test Studio UI
- Scheduling UI: Run remotely checks if a browser on the execution machine exists
- Scheduling UI: Implemented disabled status of Run Remotely for Busy machine
- Scheduling UI: Execution Servers Browsers checks for Edge
- Added support for Multi UI threading in WPF recording
- Git integration: added support for working with branches in Git connected projects
- Git integration: Git Pull gives info in the Source Control output
- VS Plugin: added support for Visual Studio 2017
- VS Plugin: added test property view in VS test explorer toolbar

Test Studio for Mobile
- Added support for WKwebView for hybrid applications testing in iOS
- Added support for Xamarin Android apps

Test Studio for APIs
- Coded Steps and standalone code files - add custom logic in C# or VB.NET code
- Added Set Variable Action - Regex match
- Added Edit Project Settings button to the toolbar
- Open full downloaded content of the response
- Implemented multi-line input and value visualization in the variable value and in    expected field for verifications
- Added Full Value option for value path type in verifications/set-variable steps
- Support to decompress responses with Content-Encoding: gzip / deflate
- Implemented expand/collapse functionality by keyboard

Test Studio Web & Desktop
- Coded Tests: required reload of test studio project in order to use newly created elements in coded steps
- Coded Tests: Enumerable methods missing in Test Studio code editor Intellisense
- Browsers support: handle Download dialog step in Internet Explorer 11 fails randomly on slow machines
- Browsers support: handling Login dialog not working in Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10 Creators Update
- Browsers support: fixed Alert dialog handling in recording and execution for Chrome 58
- Browsers support: fixed performance of Chrome recorder when attaching
- Browsers support: fixed random cases of Chrome recorder not attaching
- Browsers support: fixed new Chrome extensions to be compatible with older Test Studio versions
- Browsers support: Chrome execution extension randomly not loading on slow machines
- Browsers support: Chrome extensions start page does not detect installed extensions
- Browsers support: handling download dialog in MS Edge in Windows 10 Creators Update
- Browsers support: Real typing in Htmlnput fails when executed with MS Edge
- Browsers support: Extraction step fails in MS Edge
- Browsers support: Elements could not be located using Find.By in coded step and execution fails in MS Edge
- Elements: element merge will break if you have wpf and web element with the same find expression
- Git integration: Git connect with wrong credentials is possible and breaks push and project setup
- Git integration: Cut/move test in folders leaves the test files in the original location in Git remote repo
- Git integration: Exclude list for pending changes
- Git integration: Better error message for wrong git credentials
- Git integration: Open from remote repository fails if a private remote repo is selected
- Git integration: You can connect to Git repo without specifying email
- Git integration: Add user friendly error for empty email in git connect
- Project Explorer: rename of folders with tests doesn't make them dirty
- Recording: recorder does not attach to a customer WPF application
- Recording: Chrome recorder extensions work only with 'Default' Chrome profile
- Recording: JS browsers cannot record enter text action in iframe in specific customer's application
- Recording: customer specific iframes fixes
- Recording: BaseURL in record mode does not work as expected when recording elements in frames
- Recording: Performance issues with recording in JS browsers
- Results view: Email visual studio result format crashes test studio
- Results view: Breadcrumb in results is not working as expected if you open a failed result
- Scheduling: performance optimization of Storage uploader's -'GetCodedTestAsSteps' workflow for larger projects
- Scheduling: scheduling coded test code behind not found if test initially uploaded without code
- Scheduling: problem with remote execution log growing extremely big due to missing assembly warning
- Scheduling UI: Remote execution status Dialog does not display Chrome version
- Scheduling UI: When schedule test with MS Edge a warning message pops up
- Scheduling UI: Remote results are not visually deleted if you first delete the results from manage results
- Source Control integration: switch back UI to project context after Get Latest
- Test Explorer: fix performance of Test Explorer to trigger less events from Step Builder
- Test Lists: problem with tests list become corrupted if you enter invalid base url
- TFS integration: Fixed specific machines problem to connect to TFS with Visual Studio 2015 only installed
- TFS integration: fix error when converting steps to code for the first time in a tfs-controlled project
- TFS Integration: rename coded test and revert does not revert code file to initial state
- VS plugin: Unable to find the code behind assembly if you create test as step with code steps in VS
- VS plugin: test properties are not properly updated

Test Studio for Mobile
- Command to message server time out error when attempting to connect web agent on bing/google
- TextContent verifications on DIVs will fail with - property does not exist error
- Test Studio Mobile: iOS hybrid API ExecuteScript can't be called for scripts containing apostrophes.
- DOM events are fired twice for step execution in hybrid iOS & Android apps.
- SetAttribute API method doesn't work for iOS hybrid apps and "id" attribute
- iOS hybrid API GetHtml throws error on execution.
- Web WaitForUrl API method passes for any value

Test Studio for APIs
- Http requests fail if the request body contains only a variable reference and it is null or non-string
- Body and RequestBody runtime variables are not correctly resolved when a single step is executed
- Update properties after changes
- JSON response gets treated as a wrong data type
- Cannot perform two consecutive rename actions

Test Studio Web & Desktop
- Re-branding of Telerik Test Studio. The new product name is Progress® Test Studio®
- Firefox and  Chrome recording/execution extensions updated and rebranded for Progress® Test Studio®
- Browsers support: we now detect and support Web Driver at Windows Creators Update 1703 for MS Edge execution
- Browsers support: Microsoft Edge is properly detected in case it is set as default OS browser
- Unified default hint text for search fields in Project Explorer and Elements Explorer
- Scheduling UI: Remote Execution Status UI and details view
- Scheduling UI: Run Test List Remotely execution server statuses, browser info and UX
- Scheduling UI: Schedule Test List execution server statuses, browser info and UX
- Base URL: validation and automatic fix of invalid entered Base URL
- Log optimization: removed ActiveBrowser is invisible or disconnected message from log
- Test Explorer: performance optimizations for tests with big number of steps
- Test Explorer: fixed Property events trigger on paste operation
- Test Explorer: changed TestExplorer scrolling approach

Test Studio for Mobile
- APK provisioning Android extension and agent update
- Android extension for automated provisioning updated to
- Android provisioning Build tools version update

Test Studio for APIs
- Rename the project Settings to Properties
- Added new output panel category Compile
- Added support for project References in Project Settings UI

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