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Test Studio R2 2016

June 30, 2016

Test Studio R2 2016 (v. 2016.2.630)

    * Support for Microsoft Edge browser tests playback on Windows 10 machines
    * Git Source Control integration - support for local and remote Git repos, commit, push, pull as well as complete Test Studio source       control operations over tests, code files, test lists and data source items
    * Web: Improved recording and playback of HTML TextArea across browsers
    * Test Tabs: Added drop down menu for additional tabs
    * TFS Integration: Implemented pending delete status along with option to revert
    * TFS Integration: Check-in dialog lists files with full path
    * Browser Calibration: IE calibration disables Intranet Compatibility View
    * Visual Studio: Opening project triggers project elements load (no need to open test any more)
    * Output Panel: Added source control section
    * Mobile: Android device provisioning - automatic application instrumentation.

    * Test Studio for APIs Beta - Test Studio adds brand-new API testing functionality to help even non-technical testers quickly speed up with      testing the reliability of the API layer.

- Chrome Automation: Clear browser cache does not remove secure cookies (Chrome playback extension version .14 uploaded to Web Store)
- Chrome Automation: Clear browser cache does not clear local storage when deleting all cookies (Chrome playback extension version .15 uploaded to Web Store)
- Chrome Automation: Chrome v. 50+ does not properly handle OnBeforeUnload dialog
- Chrome & Firefox Automaton: Confirm Dialog does not respond to "InitializationTime" value in a "Handle 'Confirm' Dialog" step.
- Chrome Recording & Playback: Recording/highlighting and playback in Chrome does not run for customer web site (browser same-origin policy/restrictions work-around)
- Chrome Recording & Playback: Chrome 50 fails to automatically close the warning notification for " --disable-web-security" flag
- Chrome Recording: Handle dialog steps are not recorded in latest version of Chrome on Win 10
- Code Editor: Unable to access .Pages via IntelliSense
- Elements Explorer: NullReference exception on Edit for specific elements
- Execution: Coded test as step failing all subsequent data iterations after first failure
- Execution: Coded test as step does not run in a multiple level test
- Execution: Save As new file after RunToHere breaks adding new recorded steps into the test
- Execution: Encrypted password can be seen when executing test with annotations on
- Execution WPF: Handling "Open File" dialog step does not apply "InitializationTime" option
- Find Expression Builder: Unhandled exception validating element in Chrome after manually navigated back to initial page
- Find Expression Builder: Test Studio UI may hang if changing element with active test filtering on
- Firefox Automation: <noscript> tags can lead to incorrect element detection during playback
- Firefox Automation: Setting a cookie in a coded step passes but does nothing in Firefox
- Internet Explorer Automation: Clear browser cache does not clear local storage when deleting all cookies
- Internet Explorer Automation: Calibration does not check and allow JavaScript execution in Internet, Intranet and Trusted Zone
- Internet Explorer Automation: SelectByText not working for customer application due to &nbsp; in <options> items
- Internet Explorer Automation: IOException: Pipe is broken when "RunToHere" to a click step
- Internet Explorer Automation: Clear browser cache hangs in infinite loop deleting all cookies in IE 11 on Windows 10
- Internet Explorer Automation: Setting a cookie in a coded step fails in Internet Explorer
- Internet Explorer Automation: JavaScript events invocation (HtmlControl.InvokeEvent) fails in IE
- Product Notifications: Unhandled exception launching Test Studio Desktop due to corrupted notification statuses file
- Project Explorer: Add existing test can be added multiple times if selected from the project folder
- Project Explorer: Possible unhandled exception on rename test if it changes the position in the tree
- Project Load: Excluded code files can hang Test Studio on project load
- Recording Internet Explorer: Browser unhandled exception recording a download dialog on Windows 10
- Recording Internet Explorer: Highlighting not working for elements within a frame in IE
- Recording Dialogs: File upload leads to unhandled exception on customer web site
- Recording Dialogs: Download dialog records wrong path
- Recording Chrome: Error appears in Chrome console on selection of text literal in the Recorder DOM explorer
- Recording Chrome and Firefox: Test Studio is incorrectly recording when paused in Chrome and FF
- Recording Web: Highlighting fails for customer application where $ variable is reassigned
- Recording Web: Highlighting fails to locate correct element on customer application - failed DOM parsing due to curly brackets in attribute names (like templates)
- Recording Web: Iframe is not parsed correctly while loading the DOM on specific pages (like w3schools)
- Recording WPF: WPF recorder window may hang after closing specific WPF application
- Recording WPF: Cannot attach WPF recorder to specific application with multiple windows
- Results View: Deleting result by clicking X deletes another result if previously selected
- Test Lists: Double click does not add test in a test list
- Test Lists: TestOwner is not persisted
- TFS Integration: Problems after rename and revert of coded tests
- TFS Integration: Manual test is not reverted visually after a change
- TFS Integration: Coded test checkout status missing visually
- TFS Integration: Revert does not close obsolete code file tabs
- TFS Integration: Delete folder incorrectly commits the change in disconnected project
- TFS Integration: Problems with incorrect pending delete of files on project reconnect after adding new files (like test code-behind) while project is disconnected
- TFS Integration: UnauthorizedAccessException deleting folder or test in disconnected project
- Visual Studio: Test UI and Elements Explorer are occasionally loaded blank
- Visual Studio: Executing just added TS created test into VS project throws ArgumentException: String cannot have zero length
- Visual Studio: Missing warning deleting test used in test as step
- Visual Studio: Unable to merge elements for custom project by editing it's find logic offline
- Mobile: USB execution fails on initial load for some apps.
- Mobile: Test Studio Mobile crashes after message server IP/port is changed.
- Mobile: Improve the error message that is shown when Test Studio Mobile can't find message server.
- Mobile: Connected device is not removed from list of devices after IP/port is changed.
- Mobile: Connected device duplicated after wrong message server port is set.
- Mobile: Selected step method is not marked as invalid after method name is changed in code.
- Mobile: Web recording is disconnected after page is redirected.

* Changed default quick execute WaitOnElementsTimeout setting value to 15 seconds
* The obsolete XAML RibbonBar Translators have been removed 2 years later.

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