Test Studio

Release History

Test Studio R1 2023

February 22, 2023

Test Studio R1 2023 (v. 2023.1.0222)

  • Random Data Generators - The new steps can be added directly from the Step Builder UI. The feature includes a range of data types and values for random data generation, including numbers, strings, and dates.

  • Manual project push to Scheduling - Test Studio’s Scheduling server is a tool used to manage the scheduling and execution of automated tests on a distributed environment. With the manual project push feature, users can upload their project to Scheduling, every time there is a change.

  • Added Windows authentication to Test Studio for APIs.

  • Desktop testing stabilization.

  • New connect to application step for Desktop tests.

  • Welcome screen improvements.

  • Tests are not auto uploaded to storage server on project save anymore.

  • Updated to .NET Framework 4.7.2. Visual Studio projects targeting .NET 4.5 will have to be manually updated to .NET 4.7.2 or greater.

  • Changed the hierarchy of BaseUrl property of NavigateUrl.

  • Visual Studio 2022 extension deadlock.

  • Navigate step BaseUrl property could not be data bound.

  • JS Errors descriptor did not include exception stack trace.

  • OnIntializeData method is called for every registered execution extension.

  • Changing authorization option automatically updates request headers/body in Test Studio for API.

  • Crash when reloading pending scheduling results.

  • Security warning dialog not handled during execution for Edge Chromium 108.

  • Custom step description updated when edited to same value.

  • Run to here fails unexpectedly, when there is invalid character in download dialog.

  • Unit test generation in Visual Studio Extension.

  • Test list under source control cannot be ran.

  • Test list gets corrupted after deleting a referenced test in Visual Studio Extension.

  • Several UI glitches.

  • Extension for Visual Studio 2022 may not be updated correctly. Please first uninstall and then install Test Studio instead of upgrading the existing installation to latest version.

  • Data binding using excel for Visual Studio 2022 requires Ole Db driver that contradicts with driver required by the test runner.

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