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Release History

Test Studio R1 2022

February 15, 2022

Test Studio R1 2022 (v. 2022.1.215)


  • Test recording and execution in Chrome without extension. Note that by default Test Studio still uses an extension for test recording and execution in Chrome. If you want to switch to the extensionless approach, please turn the extension off from Test Studio -> Project Settings -> Browsers.

  • Visual Studio 2022 support for recording and playback of Test Studio automated tests.


  • Windows 11: Internet Explorer has been replaced with MS Edge, this is now reflected in Test Studio's UI.

  • UI: Added an empty test helper for Visual Studio.

  • Build: All Test Studio assemblies are now digitally signed.

  • Results: Exported list results of rerun and passed result was incorrectly shown as failed in the exported document. A rerun warning was added.

  • Frames: Frame backup location by index now works properly.


  • Browsers: Added a fix for specific CORS frames that were not detected in Chrome and Edge v. 96+.

  • Browsers: CORS policy is now disabled in Chrome headless execution.

  • Browsers: Exception being thrown when real typing is used in InternetExplorer cross-domain iFrame.

  • Browsers: Fix mutation observers for lazy loaded frames to properly track changes during recording.

  • WPF: Test Studio can detect hypertext now.

  • WPF: Fixed Recorder hiding for invisible WPF windows.

  • UI: Fixed an issue in Test Explorer that was preventing proper sizing during test debug.

  • UI: Get 'Latest from TFS' now properly refreshes the test list view.

  • UI: Fixed an issue where 'Load page' option remains disabled in context menus.

  • Framework: Updated OS info to support Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.

  • Framework: Fixed 'TextFromImage' step using partial image sending wrong warning in step result details.

  • Framework: Coded steps return correct result when fail after invoking 'ExecuteTest(...)'.

  • Framework: Fixed an issue where the content of specific frames will not be populated in the DOM explorer.

  • PDF: 'Connect to a pop-up' for PDF files now includes the port of the PDF Viewer server.

  • StorageService: Fixed an issue preventing the Storage Service to start related to older .NET Framework installation missing 'System.ValueTuple.dll'.

  • Dialogs: Log-on dialog not being handled in Chrome 97+.

  • Dialogs: Log-on dialog not being handled in Edge Chromium 96+.

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