Test Studio

Release History

Test Studio R1 2021 SP2

June 16, 2021

Test Studio R1 2021(v. 2021.1.616)


  • New product EULA

  • ChromeHeadless hot-fix updater inside Test Studio (receive ChromeHeadless functionality hot fixes without installing full Test Studio build)


  • End of Support for Visual Studio 2012/13

  • FindExpression: "FrameInfo" objects are considered equal when their id, name and src match. This improves element merging and creation of duplicated frame nodes is being avoided


  • Dialogs: Fixed Download dialogs in EdgeChromium 91

  • Dialogs: Fixed Alert, Confirm, Prompt, OnBeforeUnload not working in FireFox 89 for recording and execution

  • Execution: Wait.ForExists step does not record image

  • Browsers: Cookies' "Expires" property should be converted to UTC instead of Local time

  • VisualStudio: Added ChromeHeadless option to TestExplorer's toolbar

  • Frames: Fix Frames tagging not working in some cases

  • CodeGen: Fixed convert to code real type text action step for frame generating wrong code and failing on execution at .SetText() command

  • LoadTesting: Leaving the FieldName empty for URL type doesn't pass the dynamic value

  • LoadTesting: Adding a dynamic target to redirect a URL causes the 'UserBindInfo' to disappear

  • PDF: Fixed Data driven file path not working

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