Test Studio

Release History

Test Studio R1 2021 SP1

March 30, 2021

Test Studio R1 2021 SP1 (v. 2021.1.330)


  • Updated product EULA

  • Responsive web testing available for headless

  • Find Expressions: Updated find expression generation for Telerik Blazor and Kendo Angular making elements’ find logic more unique and stable


  • Dialogs: Fixed Headless execution Log-on dialog failing in specific test list sequence.

  • Dialogs: Fixed Headless execution of specific old OnBeforeUload dialog not handled on second attempt.

  • Dialogs: Fixed Confirm and OnBeforeUnload dialogs not handled in Edge Chromium.

  • Dialogs: Fixed Headless PDF tests randomly crash ArtOfTest.Runner.

  • Dialogs: Download dialog fails to execute in IE on newer Windows OS versions.

  • Browsers: Fixed Headless randomly not starting all Chrome processes and execution timeouts.

  • Browsers: Fix computed style for Headless.

  • WPF: Fixed "Quit" app. command crashing.

  • UI: Headless is missing from Quick-Run drop down menu for Responsive tests.

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