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Release History

Test Studio R1 2021

March 9, 2021

Test Studio R1 2021(v. 2021.1.309)


  • Headless browser testing - available for Chrome Headless. Run any existing test or test list in headless mode without applying edits to test steps, image search, dialog handler updates, or other actions. Headless testing speeds up test execution up to three times and is suitable for Continuous Development environments where faster test feedback is required.

  • PDF File Validation - Validate that PDFs are generated correctly and the data in the file is according to business or user requirements. PDF validation steps are added either during test recording or later in the automation process based on the automation scenario. Test Studio allows the user to open/load the PDF and add verifications of text or image.

  • New Storyboard - Fully redesigned Storyboard with improved image quality, enhanced user experience, and new features - Zoom in/out, drill down into test as steps, horizontal and vertical layout to choose from, test step information.

  • Added Monitor scaling tip in recording and execution log.

  • Added a new Help wizard in the Advanced Recording Tools window.


  • Support for Confirm, OnBeforeUnload, and Prompt dialogs in Edge Chromium 89

  • 'Confirm' and 'OnBeforeUnload' dialogs are not handled in Chrome 89

  • Capture image in the second tab crashing the Recorder and Test Studio

  • Sync problem in DialogMonitor

  • WPF Detach command crashing the ArtOfTest.Runner process

  • Crash in Results View

  • Extremely long video recording (>11 GB) breaks remote run result

  • Made Win32Exception serializable. Added check for a valid monitor in SetCurrentStep

  • Original Chrome/EdgeChromium instance is closed when calling Manager.LaunchBewBrowser()

  • The log-on dialog is different in FF84 and not handled in recording and execution

  • Alert, Prompt, BeforeUnload, Confirm dialogs are not handled in the latest FF 84


  • Updated Legal Notices for R1 2021

  • Added DragDrop action in the step builder

  • Removed DragAndDrop from Recorder's context menu

  • Adding 'ScrollTo' item to recorder's highlight context menu

  • Adding 'Mouse' actions to the recorder's highlight menu

  • WPF - Remove UIAutomation WindowDestroyed event

  • ArtOfTest.WebAii.Win32.Keyboard class no longer exposes a public constructor. Please use it via the Keyboard property of ArtOfTest.WebAii.Core.Desktop class.

  • Load: Allow empty POST request to use Dynamic Target as body

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