Test Studio

Release History

Test Studio R1 2019

February 12, 2019

Test Studio R1 2019 (v. 2019.1.212)


  • New Find Expression Builder as document pane allowing multiple element edits

  • Scheduling pipe based local interprocess communication

  • Scheduling execution agent unattended automatic self-recovery implemented

  • Support for MS Windows 10 17763 (1809) Edge Browser with integrated WebDriver

  • Global Save All shortcut Ctrl+Shift+S introduced

  • KillBrowsersBeforeStart setting for all execution types in Test Studio

  • New Ribbon tabs for Project, Tests and Elements

  • ScrollToVisibleType Property for Click and SetText descriptors

  • Step Builder options to manually add Connect to pop-up and Close pop-up window steps

  • Support for BreakPoints for nested TestAsStep tests during QuickExecution

  • Used By context menu option for Element Expression's panes

  • New Project setting to Track Active Test selection in Project Explorer

  • InnerText as search clause in Find Expression Builder for both recording and execution

  • Enable Logging in project Settings in Visual Studio plugin

  • Automatic update of scheduled jobs when Test List changes

  • Make WPF Recorder wait timeout configurable via SL Connect project setting

  • Data-bind Name field of requests Headers in Test Studio for APIs


    Web and Desktop:
  • Browsers: added support for download dialog in Firefox 64+

  • Browsers: Close Browser property of Click step does not work properly for JS Browsers popups

  • Browsers: execution of Logon Dialog in IE on Server 2016

  • Browsers: fix WaitUntilReady always returns True in MS Edge

  • Browsers: AJAX and Console interceptors script injection in MS Edge

  • Browsers: every second desktop click in Edge browser is performed with offset

  • Execution: cannot move the mouse on multiple monitors that have negative coordinates in desktop commands

  • Execution: customer case for Internet Explorer not launching when running ArtOfTestRunner from bat file on remote environment

  • Find Expression Builder: after reset of data bind filter in Find Element Builder, drop down for data bind is not visible

  • Find Expression Builder: resolve failure Font Color for Content Verification steps is now black and visible

  • Load testing: application crash when you open for edit the user profile of a load test

  • Load Testing: post data not sent if the encoding type is different than formdata or urlencoded

  • Load Testing: Dynamic Targets dropdowns not shown in requests UI

  • Load Testing: specific case of Custom Dynamic Targets not shown properly in UI when changing data binding

  • Load testing: fixed field type value 'Cookie' typo

  • Load testing: visual glitch in custom dynamic targets display window

  • Recording: highlight on Validate Element will not work in iFrames from JS browsers

  • Recording: custom fix for IE recording menu when element not fully visible

  • Recording: JS recorders un-paused after run to here and run selected operations

  • Recording: enabled recording of dialogs in Firefox Popups

  • Recording: Error dialog when no test is selected during recording and try to add step is now always on top

  • Recording: Firefox recording on scaled multiple monitors shows highlighting with offset

  • Recording: wrong test element created when using the highlight menu in Internet Explorer on scaled monitors

  • Recording: customer case of Recorder exception for WFP control panel

  • Recording: customer case of WPF Recorder hanging if undocked during close of the WPF application

  • Recording: WPF extension crashing against specific application

  • Scheduling: fixed specific case with Video Recording stops working on remote recurring runs

  • Scheduling: fixed UI when uninstall/install MongoDB service in cases path to a different mongod.exe is selected

  • Scheduling: fixing specific case for wrong notification setting in scheduled job

  • Scheduling: specific case of scheduled jobs getting wrong test list id for source controlled projects after checkin

  • Scheduling: fixed storage service log path to be in Test Studio installation folder

  • Scheduling: RemoteExecutor and the SchedulingServer would not ask for TFS credentials upon scheduled runs

  • Test Studio UI: fixed renaming project with open code file and restart of project crash

  • Test Studio UI: fixing error logged upon right click on project node for source controlled project

  • Test Studio UI: cleared obsolete exception from log after successful scheduled run

  • Test Studio UI: code editor does not lose focus after performing shortcut operation Ctrl+S

  • Test Stduio UI: fixing unexpected error when opening results when mapped network drive with project gets disconnected

  • Visual Studio plugin: fixed typo in VS empty test description

  • Mobile:
  • Local to Local android instrumentation fails

  • Automatic instrumentation will now successfully complete for Android API level 28 applications

  • Test Studio for APIs
  • ApiTesting sends "Expect" "100-continue" header with http requests and cannot be disabled

  • Opening coded step without creating coded file first crashes studio

  • Execution sends all files in a multipart/form-data regardless of their file extension


  • Major stability and reliability improvements in Scheduling feature

  • Improved Scheduled runs in parallel stability

  • Easier and simplified Scheduling configuration - only 3 ports are needed open both ways for scheduling setup (8009 for Scheduling Service, 8492 for Storage Service and 55555 for Execution Client)

  • Ctrl+S shortcut only saves current working item in Test Studio

  • Upgraded MongoDB driver to 4.0 in Test Studio

  • Removed TeamPulse integration from Test Studio UI

  • Removed AsyncBridge.dll and System.Reactive.dll from Test Studio Mobile

  • Split Requests and Responses of Load tests in Test Studio

  • Due to Visual Studio latest updates changes, Test Studio VS 2017 plugin Telerik.Common package is now part of VSIX

  • Recent projects names are not truncated for long names anymore and tooltip shows full path in Test Studio

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