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Release History

Test Studio R1 2018

January 30, 2018

Test Studio R1 2018 (v. 2018.1.130)


- Improved Continuous Integration Support:
      - Test Studio Web and Desktop, Mobile and APIs Jenkins plugins for easier CI setup.
      - JUnit results which can be viewed directly into Jenkins, TeamCity and Bamboo Dashboards.

- Scheduling Improvements:
      - Test list overall execution timeout setting added. If a test gets stuck by any reason, execution will respect this timeout and will quit the run, saving the results of the finished tests.
      - Unfinished scheduled test lists results displayed in the results tab.
      - Remote Execution Status view shows more Scheduling and Storage Services information - current status, warning for version mismatches.
      - Redesigned the Execution Server's UI, providing ability to calibrate local browsers.
      - Enabled Microsoft Edge WebDriver path configuration from the Execution Server UI.
      - The temp folder used by the Execution Server is now configurable.
      - Storage Server overall stability improved.

- Live News Feed and Enhanced Getting Started Experience with new "tips and tricks" videos.

- Translators for Telerik WPF PathButton and Legend controls added.

- Test Studio Mobile: Support for iOS applications built with Ionic.


- Test Studio UI: Using copy/paste It is possible to add endless cycle of test calling already referenced test
- Test Studio UI: Renamed steps in a web test keep their original names in a performance test
- Test Studio UI: Test As Step called in code does not populate all inner exceptions
- Test Studio UI: Clearing search in project explorer does not collapse nodes
- Test Studio UI: Recorder add specific point UI gets disabled
- Test Studio UI: Test Studio crashes with Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializationException
- Test Studio UI: Cannot open old xml results with latest TestStudio version
- Test Studio UI: Choosing custom layout with undocked panel crashes Test Studio
- Test Studio UI: Notifications panel can be moved outside of the Test Studio main window and remains hidden
- TFS integration: Cannot configure Bug Tracking using TFS Service
- Web Testing: Improved dialog monitoring performance
- Scheduling UI: Test Studio will become unresponsive if you kill the test runner and try to schedule a run.

- Test Studio for APIs: Name deducted from Expected value in Condition is too long
- Test Studio for APIs: Help >> Logging >> Open Log should be disabled when there is no log
- Test Studio for APIs: 'Expected' text box in 'Conditions' tab cannot show long values

- Test Studio for Mobile: Android build-tools updated to latest version


- Test Studio Runners: JUnit result files now have *junit.xml / *junitstep.xml postfix

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