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Release History

Test Studio R1 2018 SP1

April 18, 2018

Test Studio R1 2018 SP1 (v. 2018.1.418)


- Test Studio UI: File >> Recent Projects does nothing if there are no recent projects in a new installation
- TestStudio UI: Project name containing dots not displayed correctly in recent projects
- Test Studio UI: Renaming opened test does not change name displayed in Opened Tests view
- Test Studio UI: Test Studio allows you to create project with invalid location
- Test Studio UI: Test Studio doesn't warn when adding test with name longer than 256 characters
- Test Studio UI: Edge information is shown on Windows Versions without Edge browser
- VS Extension: Visual Studio will crash if you open, close and then open again a test while project elements are loading
- VS Extension: “Navigate to” step does not indicate if the URL is incorrect
- Test Studio: Copy & Paste of Logical Steps that contain Coded Steps (in the same test) adds redundant test functions
- TestStudio: The original step is not restored when performing cut/paste/undo of test steps between tests
- TestStudio: Delete command in setting->scripts must delete all selected references
- TestStudio: Test Studio crashes when copy/paste a step added from Step Builder
- TestStudio: Trying to copy step that’s cut from already closed projects leads to crash
- Scheduling: If ArtOfTest.Runner crashes during execution, remote run is never finished
- Scheduling: General improvement of performance counter collection and process communication logging
- Api Testing: ApiTesting Runtime returns exit code 1 (Failed) when the project contains disabled tests

Fixes for customer reported issues:
- Remote execution hangs for Chrome and WPF processes on customer environments
- NullReference exception thrown during test list execution in custom WPF application
- Custom web page could not be automated successfully, because html inputs don’t fire OnChange event appropriately
- Test file cannot be copy/pasted if contains '{ ' or '}' characters in its name
- Find Logic (html) in the Project settings remains modified despite the changes were canceled
- Recording problem for customer specific Silverlight application
- Performance results do not store description text in History View


- Test Studio: Load Testing UI and UX improved - Test Studio: Local Data View fully reworked and includes enhanced options for add/delete/cut/copy/paste operations
- VS Extension: Menu items for TestStudio plugin updated and helper view added for empty tests
- VS Extension: Hide Capture browser/desktop step removed in VS extension, since it is not applicable in this context
- Test Studio Mobile: 'listDevices' argument added to Mobile CLI

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