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Test Studio R1 2017

February 7, 2017

Test Studio R1 2017 (v. 2017.1.207)

Test Studio Web & Desktop

- Completely New Reports now include bar charts and trend line, pie chart overview, result details, reports export as html and image
- Export results to HTML and XML from Results view, command line and Results Viewer standalone
- Email results with attachment HTML, XML, Test Studio format (.aiiresult), Word, Excel, Visual Studio format(.trx)
- Scheduling mails can include as attachments now HTML and XML remote results
- Angular2 applications scripts triggered with regular click steps in Firefox
- Download dialogs handling in Edge
- Automatic DOM refresh on dynamic changes during recording with Chrome and Firefox
- Logical steps result execution statuses and details in Test Explorer
- Firefox 64-bit support

Test Studio for Mobile
- Support for hybrid applications for iOS
- Highlighting during recording for Mobile Web is now available

Test Studio for APIs
- In-house http traffic recorder
- Add validation for xpath and xmlpath input
- Multiple selection in the recording view
- Import http requests with form-data or x-www-form-urlencoded body
- Add support in the UI for basic authorization
- Add support in the UI for OAuth2 authorization
- Open and Save As functionality for data in requests and response view
- File download support in http requests
- X-www-form-urlencoded formats for http request body
- Option "follow redirects" for http requests

Test Studio Web & Desktop
- Execution: Clear Browser History does not work in Firefox 50.1
- Scheduling: test list runs with Run locally setup now show their Actual images
- Scheduling: result email subject line token menu is not displayed correctly
- Test Explorer: Disabled image verification step extraction option from context menu
- Results View: do not load run result in memory on select if details view is collapsed
- Find Expression Builder: parsing find clauses for  "Missing" or "Exists" compare type explicitly clears the value
- Execution: Firefox 50.1.0 Alert/Confirm/Prompt dialogs not working
- Execution: Problem with Kendo UI ComboBox when test is executed in Edge
- Execution: Download dialog handling fails in Chrome v 55 (ChromeDownloadInProgress dialog signature changed)
- Execution: Ajax combo box execution not working in FF 50.0.2
- Execution: Microsoft Edge execution on Html.GridDataCell clicks on wrong coordinates
- Test Explorer: Renamed copy/pasted test changes are not persisted because open test does not detect it as new
- Recording Firefox: Firefox connect to popup does not connect recorder to parent window
- Recording Chrome: Test Studio does not record keyboard commands (Enter, tab, etc) in Chrome
- Results: Fixing crash when loading results with changed test path
- VS plugin: Reload VS Test project does not work/MVC Application cannot be published
- UI: Recent projects tooltip is extended due to the screen tip inheritance
- Chrome Automation: Chrome connect to popups mishandling can freeze Test Studio
- Chrome Automation: Chrome throws security error in a customer scenario with 'SimulateRealTyping' enabled
- Chrome Automation: Download dialogs handling in code fails for scenarios with second dialog
- Coded Tests: Renaming the Namespace from the Project settings does not change the code-behind files consistently
- Command Line Runner: Fixed FileNotFoundException in scenario with TFS project dependency
- Dialog Handling: Possible unhandled exceptions in scenarios on non-Edge browsers
- Dialog Handling: ArgumentException looking for browser child processes to monitor
- Execution: Failing an overridden OnAfterTestCompleted does not record executed steps in the execution log
- Execution: Maximize browser does not work after Drag&Drop step
- Execution: UnexpectedDialog HandleAndFailTest for data-driven tests fails all iterations
- Project Explorer: Possible unhandled exception on saving newly created test
- QC Integration: Quality Center generated results display wrong date
- Recording: Locate in DOM finds wrong element on specific website (html elements wrapped into style tags)
- Recording Chrome: Recording a test in Chrome against specific customer application hangs Test Studio
- Recording Chrome: Highlighting elements in popups may fail and becomes unresponsive (Chrome extensions 2016.3.1007.1 have been published to Web Store)
- Recording Chrome: Chrome connect to popups mishandling can freeze Test Studio (Chrome extensions 2016.3.1007.1 have been published to Web Store)
- Recording Chrome: Recorder shows popup highlighting info on parent window (Chrome recorder extension 2016.3.1115 have been published to Web Store)
- Recording Chrome and Firefox: Closing parent tab/window breaks recorder and can lead to unhandled exception breaking Test Studio application
- Recording Internet Explorer: Click steps on a select element are not recorded in IE for a customer application
- Recording WPF: Specific application may hang on attaching recorder
- Results View: Specific aiiresults file is crashing the application
- Scheduling: Execution client breaks if the scheduling server url is typed without "http://"
- Scheduling: Execution may run the same test multiple times
- Scheduling: Schedule test list does not default to time in future
- Scheduling: Scheduling Server can fail to attach to TFS due to conflict between jobs
- Scheduling: Get Latest from TFS gets stuck when renaming already scheduled test list
- Test Explorer: First click on test explorer step in TFS project does not mark project dirty and change is not committed
- Test Explorer: "While" loop step should not be marked as failed if the condition is false
- TFS Integration: Renaming test list checks into TFS the renamed file with the old test list name
- Welcome View: Unexpected error on application load in case of corrupted settings file (CheckForUpdate)
- Performance optimizations in results reading and memory consumption to address Out of Memory problems

Test Studio for Mobile
- Minor UI and usability fixes
- Set value step is not recorded in Firefox mobile for some input elements.
- .NET test runner stand alone version doesn't support Hybrid tests
- PressKey API implementation throws exception for hybrid app.
- Automated application provisioning doesn't supporting localized Windows OS

Test Studio for APIs
- "Save Modified Files" prompt before test execution does not save project variables
- UI keeps CPU usage on 2-3% on idle time
- Verifications using cpath wildcard are working as expected
- Rest layout will correctly reset UI changes in the recorder pane
- Recorder stability improvements
- "Run Test" and "Run To Here" will no longer Delete Root Level Runtime Variables
- GoTo step execution stability improvements
- Copy/Paste of folders in the project view
- Ctrl + Z will correctly Undo changes in Body editor

Test Studio Web & Desktop
- Results View: Delete All results deletes all local and remote results for project, not only current loaded time span
- Results View: Reload results now always navigates to latest available results time span
- Results View: removed message box which was opened when scheduled task existed on reload/results/navigation
- Results View: submit bug is disabled in timeline results view
- Browsers: Chrome extensions versions have been updated to match the product release version
- Scheduling: Removed redundant Scheduling UI option for notifying via email on unexpected errors
- UI: Hide the TeamPulse pane by default in predefined layouts

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