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Test Studio R1 2015

March 19, 2015

Test Studio R1 2015 (v. 2015.1.319)


- Simplified Activation Wizard; added LogOut to ease switching account
- Elements Mapping:
    - Define elements without application to automate
    - Element Properties: Element's ControlType and TechnologyType can be set manually; custom control types can expose more step options to add crafting your test
    - Map the elements once the application is ready for automation - supports Web (IE, Chrome, Firefox), WPF and Silverlight; keeps history of recent applications
    - Ability to define custom find logic prior to mapping
    - Elements Explorer changes into predefined elements are synced to the active element mappers
- Enhanced Step Builder within Test Studio (offline mode)
    - Enhanced Actions (Mouse/Desktop, JavaScript Events, Scroll) and Verifications (specific to custom controls)
    - Added Common, Logical, Dialog steps
    - Consistent experience with the recorder
- Dockable Tabs: Ability to customize the Tests UI layout
indow size and dock/undock state.

- Check for Update - Missing option in Test Studio Welcome screen
- Elements Explorer: Selected element mouse click does not attempt to edit it anymore
- Elements Explorer: Renaming an element triggers edit mode of the next one
- Find Expression Builder: Unhandled exception validating element once the recorder is closed
- Framework Firefox: Firefox execution does not start in random cases
- Manual Testing: Drag&drop to manual test from project explorer can lead to unhandled exception
- Recorder Chrome/Firefox: Several cases of unhandled exceptions in specific recording scenarios
- Recorder Chrome/Firefox: Pause recording disables the highlighting as well
- Recorder Highlighting: The new HTML Translators conflict with custom controls' translators
- Recorder Internet Explorer: Recorder freezes after attaching to popup in IE while executing Run To Here
- Recorder Step Builder: Attributes verification lists only one of the element attributes
- Tests View: Opening a load test and then selecting a web test creates 2 Test menus in the Ribbon bar

- Add specific steps to Web and WPF - the options are moved to the enhanced Step Builder

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