Test Studio

Release History

Test Studio 2013.21327

January 26, 2014

What's New:

- Support for IE11 for recording and playback
- Support for latest Chrome 32 - recording, playback, dialog handling
- Project load/elements generation is optimized for Visual Studio build
- Test List Execution: Added new command line tool (Telerik.TestStudio.CommandLineClient.exe) to run test lists remotely via scheduling supporting publishing results to the server
- TFS Integration: Added an option to disconnect a project from source control

What's Fixed:

- Browser Calibration: Some Chrome settings are not calibrated if the browser is opened
- Check for Update: Failing to detect the new Functional, Load and Ultimate products
- Dialog Handling: Cannot handle a dialog downloading a zip file in IE11
- Dialog Handling: Logon Dialogs are not being handled in Chrome and Firefox 
- Elements Explorer: Hitting Tab while renaming parent element node can lead to unhandled exception
- Elements Explorer: Unhandled InvalidOperationException can be thrown by the Elements Explorer on opening/creating project
- Elements Explorer: Unable to merge page nodes in a customer Silverlight project 
- Elements Explorer: Changing an Existing Window Caption is broken 
- Execution API: TestResult.ExecutionType returns 'QuickExecution' in OnAfterTestCompleted regardless the execution type
- Execution API: RunResult.LoadFromFile returns NullReferenceException
- Execution Data-Driven: Data-driven drop-down selection written in code fails to choose available option by text when it contains a non breaking space ( )
- Execution Dialogs: Handle Dialog steps timing out in all tests that follow a failed test within a test list
- Execution Remote: Images are missing for failing test as steps in remote execution
- Execution RunToHere: Open Silverlight RadComboBox with "Run Selected" option fails with error "Unable to determine the type of 'radcombobox' element"
- Execution RunToHere: Silverlight Out-of-Browser RunToHere throws exception if Out of Browser is selected for recording
- Execution Scheduling: Scheduled run mails time in subject is wrong
- Execution Scheduling: Can not change subject in email notification
- Execution Scheduling: Result email message always says "The result is not complete"
- Execution Test Lists: Test list execution fails after upgrade looking for older assembly version
- Execution Test Lists: executing a test list with coded tests twice throws "error CS0016: Could not write to output file" 
- Execution Test Lists: No image/DOM captured for failing test as steps in remote execution 
- Execution Test Lists: No change button in test runner
- Execution Command Line: Unable to run WPF tests with "Use default application path" option
- Find Expression Builder: Issue replacing Silverlight element with in Edit in Live
- Framework Internet Explorer: IE11 throws InvalidArgumentException on test run (Win 8.1)
- Framework WPF: ScrollToVisible method on item in panel scrolls the panel but item is underneath horizontal scroll bar if one is present
- Framework Silverlight: Customer SL test playback intermittently stalls on some environments 
- Framework RadControls: ScrollToVisible method on item in RadTreeView scrolls panel but item is underneath horizontal scroll bar if one is present 
- Framework RadControls: DragToTick method for RadSlider (SL & WPF) throws FindElementException
- Licensing: Activate button is not working when invoked from Exploratory tool
- Load Testing: Unhandled exception trying to import .SAZ file
- Load Testing: Commas in cookies cause faulted users
- Load Testing: Dynamic Targets can not be multi-selected
- Load Testing: Cannot capture same existing web test into a load user profile more than once
- Load Testing: ExtractUriParameters getting out of index exception based on customer data
- Load Testing: Load Test requests add an extra question mark on the end of the url if there are no query parameters 
- Load Testing: Load tests always set KeepAlive to false (new option added to load test design screen) 
- Load Testing: IndexOutOfRangeException exception occurs when running load test scenario 
- Load Testing: Missing step # to error log for the error "Unable to find databound item" 
- Load Testing: Question mark is added to Load URL
- Load Testing: Faulted Users running customers load test
- Manual Testing: Insert manual step in manual test explorer will initially create an undeletable row
- Project Load: Loading test as step references from tests can miss a reference for big projects leading to exception opening related tests
- Project Load: Loading elements generates inconsistent Page nodes in Standalone for customer project
- Project View: Unable to delete a data source when a test is databound
- Project View: Settings - Check for update UI issue with the "notify me on any updates" option
- Recording IE: Recorder detach problem in IE11
- Recording Silverlight: Error "Unable to determine the type of 'textblock' element" creating a verification in customer Silverlight application 
- Recording Silverlight: Quick Task list does not include a text content verification if Silverlight app after loaded via 'Run to here'
- Recording Web: Kendo Grid records inline Edit and Delete as regular Click actions
- Recording WPF: Recording in WPF GridView app crash
- Recording WPF: Unable to launch recorder for a WPF applications that have RadWindow for the initial window
- Scheduling: Scheduling tests not updating changes after initial remote run
- Scheduling: Problem with Range of Recurrence when scheduling test lists
- Test Explorer: Unhandled exception after fast forward of manual test, last step selection and right click for the context menu
- Test Explorer: Exception on undo drag and drop action for 2 or more coded test steps
- Test Lists: If the test list compilation error window is too large, it can't be closed
- Test View: Unhandled exception selecting WPF test step during recording
- TFS Integration: Improved workspace detection to avoid error on connecting to TFS
- TFS Integration: Exception related to local and remote path opening TFS project
- TFS Integration: No icon displayed when TFS controlled project does not have latest
- TFS Integration: Missing error in attempt to add project that has "$folder" to TFS
- VS Plugin: Exporting a VB project to VS will break it by automatically adding microsoft.visualbasic.dll in project references
- VS Plugin: Element generation from MSBuild (CI) can throw InvalidOperationException due to MessageBox in case of exception
- VS Plugin: Duplicated referencies after quick execution in VS
- VS Plugin: Repetitive open/close of tests in VS increases memory consumption
- VS Plugin: Closing the solution in VS doesn't release the consumed memory
- VS Plugin: Copy and Paste of silverlight enabled test step in VS leads to exception and compilation errors
- VS Plugin: Element generation can throw InvalidOperationException due to MessageBox in error handling

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