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Test Studio 2011.2928

September 27, 2011

We are excited to share with you all the new features coming to Test Studio with its second major release for this year. R2 2011 brings in some really nice surprises – performance testing capabilities, support for manual testing and HTML5 are just for starters.

Make sure to get a front seat at the upcoming “What’s new in Test Studio R2 2011 webinar” which will take place on Thursday, September 29th, 2pm EDT.

  • Performance Testing: How responsive is my application? What are the bottlenecks in my application? Is my app performing better or worse with each build? These are all questions we provide answers to with our new Performance testing functionality. Read a blog post on why do performance testing. As part of the R2 release, Test Studio includes the capability to construct robust UI Performance and Application Performance tests that offer an unparalleled insight into the performance metrics of your application.

    Performance Testing Overview

    In a nutshell, here is what Test Studio offers:

  • Performance measuring & benchmarking: Take a functional scenario and measure each step’s execution time. Measure not only the total time but also server processing time, network latency, and client rendering time. You can then create benchmarks that you can compare each run against for regression detection or goal setting.
  • Historical view and comparison: View the historical performance of your tests and compare two different snapshots to help identify where the regressions are happening.

    Compare two performance runs

  • In-depth analysis: Trace your code at the step level to pinpoint the exact line of code that is causing the delay. Test Studio allows you to see the requests made from the server, how long they take, as well as what bandwidth is used. Each step of the performance run is represented as a block in the top horizontal bar. You can drag the entire selection area to get details on a custom interval.
  • Manual Test Type: Test Studio's new Manual Test Type makes manual test creation and execution more organized and productive than before. Execution results get rolled up into reports that offer consolidated views of project quality. Bring your manual test cases into Test Studio where you can manage them, record results, and even create "fast forward" automated steps to get rid of tedious repetitive tasks. Test Studio provides a simple and intuitive way to create manual tests and eventually transition some or all of its steps to being automated.

    Manual Test Runner

  • Create and import manual tests:Test Studio now allows users to add manual tests next to their automated tests in the project. The manual Test Explorer helps you craft your tests by writing your steps from scratch. Copy/paste and reorder your steps by using drag and drop. You can also enrich your manual tests by adding screenshots, description or test requirements. Import all your test suites to Test Studio with a few mouse clicks.
  • Manual test execution: Thanks to the built-in manual test runner you quickly execute the test you just created/imported. As soon as you launch the runner you can pass/fail steps, capture images and navigate the tests in the run.
  • Convert manual to automated tests: Manual test execution gets faster with Test Studio's fast forward feature that allows for mundane and repetitive steps to be automated. What’s more, you can have an entire manual test converted into fully automated test – you just need to run the manual test with the test recording feature turned on.
  • Bug capture and reporting:Manual test run results get rolled up into comprehensive reports that offer consolidated views of your project’s quality trends. If your project is connected to a scheduling server, you can publish manual run results to the server and retrieve the latest results that your team members have already run.
  • HTML5 Support: With R2 Test Studio also adds a number of translators for common HTML5 tags.

    Support for HTML5

  • Run your test against all browsers at once:Users can now concurrently run a test list against all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Support for the latest Firefox v7.0 has also been added. Support for Firefox 7
  • Simplified test execution on remote systems: Test Studio has dramatically simplified recording and execution by no longer requiring administrative privileges on our supported platforms. Remote execution servers can run as non-administrative users, accelerating total execution time by enabling test suites to be run simultaneously across multiple systems.
  • One product, no add-ons or different SKUs:We at Telerik always aim at simplifying our product licensing structure and avoiding complex pricing models. Test Studio has consolidated multiple features into a single SKU, providing a comprehensive solution that includes both functional (automated and manual testing) and performance testing capabilities. Telerik Test Studio will retail for the same price as before: $2,499.

  • Enhancements

    Enhanced Element Management
    • Test Studio’s enhanced Elements Explorer introduces loads of new features driven from customers’ requests such as real-time search, sorting, filtering of project elements, and the ability to easily move tree elements within the Elements Explorer.

    FindExpression UI Improvements
    • We listened to your feedback and ideas, and decided to do a revamp to our Find Expression UI. Get ready for new much more user-friendly UI, as well as additional features to help you automatically generate find expressions on demand and select different elements from the UI directly.

      FindExpression UI

    New features & Roadmap

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