Test Studio

Release History

R2 2012

September 20, 2012

[Common (Standalone + VS)]

  • NEW: Browser Configuration is automated. The interface is exposed into Project -> Settings -> Browsers section.
  •  New: Added UseLegacySilverlightFindLogic user settings as part of the project. For new projects Test Studio records against the <object> tag instead of its parent. [Bug #158612, PITS #11665]
Test Explorer:
  •  New: Changed the scrolling mode to "Deferred". This also addresses a possible performance hit in scrolling. [Bug #162213]
Find Expression Builder:
  •  NEW: Ability to data-drive element find expressions. [Bug #55952, PITS #5094]
 Bug Tracking:
  •  NEW: Bin\Plugins serves as the bug trackers location on the client machine as well.
FIXED Recording:
  •  Fixed specific application causes IE crash while recording and clicking on navigation link. [Bug #159404, PITS #11797]
  •  Fixed recording causes unhandled exception in IE 64-bit when entering text. [Bug #160623, PITS #11991]
  •  Fixed possible unhandled exception during recording when connecting IE 64-bit to a pop up. [Bug #161081]
  •  Fixed specific customer WPF application hanging on attaching the recorder. [Bug #161500, PITS #12142]
  •  Fixed incorrect error "Can't find element on page" during recording. [Bug #159351, PITS #11783]
  •  Fixed recording general property verification against VS 2012's ListBox component causes an unhandled exception. [Bug #160449]
  •  Fixed Cannot record OnBeforeUnload dialog OK click. [Bug #154561]
  •  Fixed IE10 on Windows 8 button press that will pop an onbeforeunload/alert dialog is not recorded. [Bug #158677]
  •  Fixed Silverlight OOB test won't run as part of a TestList. [Bug #159623, PITS #11834]
  •  Fixed ExecutionExtension.OnInitializeDataSource is not triggered if the test has no data source initially. [Bug #159521, PITS #11818]
  •  Fixed InheritParentDatasource gets mixed up under a specific setup. [Bug #161860, PITS #12194]
  •  Fixed Data-driven test with test as steps throws NullReference in .ExecutionContext.get_ActiveDataRows(). [Bug #163481]
  •  Fixed coded step description is missing in the runner console. [Bug #160183]
  •  Fixed specific test as step with while loop will throw System.NullReferenceException if you set any auto-pause option. [Bug #160154]
  •  Fixed Data driven download dialog step error for extracted variable in code and missing DownloadPath value. [Bug #160995]
  •  Fixed Test fails in FF with error: Document is not ready to retrieve its markup. [Bug #159806, PITS #11861]
  •  Fixed recorded close browser failure in case of previous action closing the browser instead. [Bug #136964, PITS #8543]
  •  Fixed unable to connect to popup window in Firefox customer scenario. [Bug #163187, PITS #12441]
  •  Fixed file upload dialog not being handled at http://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/upload/examples/additionalfields/defaultcs.aspx. [Bug #160277, PITS #11928]
  •  Fixed handling of test execution in case of manually removed data source. [Bug #101691]
 Data Binding:
  •  Fixed incorrect syntax error using T-SQL. [Bug #160509, PITS #11969]
  •  Fixed cannot use EXECUTE or UPDATE commands in T-SQL. [Bug #160889, PITS #12033]
  •  Fixed unable to set the multiple bound properties of a single step. [Bug #163191, PITS #12444]
  •  Fixed data binding panel doesn't display the values in some scenarios. [Bug #163241]
  •  Fixed problems binding test to empty XML file. [Bug #160275, Bug #160276]
  •  Fixed unable to execute test bound to data column with brackets in the name. [Bug #105934]
 Test Explorer:
  •  Fixed possible unhandled exception on pasting string through the clipboard into the steps screen. [Bug #161946]
 Code Generation:
  •  Fixed WPF Image Verification code incorrect. [Bug #159347]
 Find Expression Builder:
  •  Fixed problems finding elements in popups. [Bug #116156, Bug #159337, PITS #11778]
 Bug Tracking:
  •  Fixed when prompted to populate existing settings, for TP they are not really populated as expected but shown from TP connection dialog instead. [Bug #157153]
  •  Fixed "Team Pulse Extension: Bug Tracking Setup" window is stuck on loading if wrong server or credentials are provided. [Bug #160746]
  •  Fixed attach failure details zip file when submitting bug is missing the expected image. [Bug #162403, PITS #12308]
  •  Fixed custom bug tracker may cause unhandled exception throughout the application (Test Studio and Exploratory). [Bug #159476]


  • NEW: Browser Configuration is automated. Exposed Manager.ConfigureBrowser(type, forceShutDown); as well as Manager.GetBrowserConfigurationStatus(type); public methods.
  •  New: The Chrome extension can handle frames with non html source. [Bug #141195, PITS #9096]
  •  New: SL automation supports in-browser elevated trust applications not only using localhost URL. [Bug #160996, PITS #12044]
Dialog Handling:
  •  NEW: Added InitializeTime property for all dialogs handling. This is useful in scenario where the dialog is about to be handled although not initialized yet. [Bug #155350]
  •  NEW: Added support for FF16 (Beta) dialogs.
FIXED Chrome:
  •  Fixed manual navigation in the browser may fail to load the page with the extension enabled.
  •  Fixed test scenario not connecting to popup. [Bug #161542]
  •  Fixed problems with Silverlight Child Windows set to Right-to-Left flow. [Bug #160886, PITS #12032]
  •  Fixed clicking at wrong location for RadMenuItem contained in RTL popup. [Bug #163279, PITS #12464]
  •  Fixed ActiveApplication.Windows not properly updated. [Bug #160884, PITS #12031]
  •  Fixed "Unable to find the element of type: gridviewcell" error scenarios. [Bug #163525, Bug #162221]
  • Breaking Changes in the API: http://www.telerik.com/automated-testing-tools/support/documentation/user-guide/api_changes_and_backward_compatability.aspx

[KendoUI Support]

  • Fixed Grid Filtering Menu Filter button click not being recorded. [Bug #162305, PITS #12295]
  • Fixed "Iput" listed twice and misspelled, IE may crash. [Bug #162878, PITS #12379]

[RadControls for AJAX]

  • RadPivotGrid: Added support for Drag-Drop functionality.

[RadControls for Silverlight/WPF]

  • New: Added BusyIndicator control wrapper and translator. [Bug #157563, PITS #11475]
  • New: Added PivotGrid control wrappers.
  • New: Added PanZoomBar control wrapper.
  • New: Added DiagramThumbnail control wrapper and translator.
  • New: Added HeatMap control wrappers.
  • New in TimeLine: Added TimelineItemGroupControl wrapper.
  • Fixed RadComboBox setting text closes the drop down breaking the filtering-as-you-type ability. [Bug #162262]
  • Fixed AppointmentElement is not public leading to convert to code error. [Bug #161768]
  • Fixed Property 'IsPinned' does not exist on the element possible error. [Bug #162557, PITS #12344]


NEW Project View:
  •  New: Exposed the Test.UniqueID so that the user can compare with the test as step where used if necessary. [Bug #161422]
Source Control:
  • New: The TFS client supports TFS 2012 now on environments with VS 2012 only. [Bug #148293]
Test Lists:
  • New: Ctrl+c clones the selected test list. Previously an error dialog has been displayed in case of copy/paste test list via clipboard. [Bug #161461]
Load Testing:
  •  NEW: Ability to setup goals for load tests. Your test will be marked as passed or failed based on if all goals passed or not. Set up these goals on any metric for any machine involved in the test.
  •  NEW: New Overview in Test Analysis, shows Goals, Key Metrics based on those goals, and Page Specific Metrics
  •  NEW: Support for Windows Authentication. In the Design Screen, you can add Windows Users to a User Profile, or Databind it if the Load Test is Databound. 
  •  All Performance configuration and result files are now stored in JSON rather than a binary format, allowing for custom applications to be written to access the data of your performance tests
  •  New Performance Template feature allows for saving groups of Performance Counters to file for reuse later.
  •  NEW: Adds support for the upcoming new TeamPulse authentication (TeamPulse 2012 R5).
FIXED Project View:
  •  Fixed File filter incorrect when searching for missing code-behind file. [Bug #160508, PITS #11968]
Source Control:
  • Fixed Test lists are not marked as checked out when edited in Test Studio. [Bug #160570]

Test Lists:
  • Fixed SilverlightApplicationPath test list setting is incorrectly hidden. [Bug #160919]
Load Testing:
  •  Fixed Aggregation to be far more consistent. Before R2 Aggregation was performed on the fly, so your data base did not contain aggregate data. Now all data is aggregated before it goes into the database, so custom database queries and reporting you create can now include aggregate data like Overall Test metrics.
  •  Fixed counters selection is lost upon colapsing/expanding the tree. [Bug #159522]
  •  Fixed an issue where IE sometimes failed to record Load Tests.
  •  Fixed an issue where Safari sometimes failed to record Load Tests.
  •  Fixed possible unhandled exception when clicking certain links within Load.
  •  Fixed an issue where a single machine can be added to the Monitoring list in the Load Environment screen multiple times.
  •  Fixed an issue where you could set User Profile total percentages to higher than 100%.
  •  Fixed unhandled exception in the application for specific scenario switching between 2 servers. [Bug #155332]
  •  Fixed UI issues switching users. [Bug #156839]

[Visual Studio Plugin]

  • Fixed redundant references are added to the settings file upon building the project and execution. [Bug #160701]
  • Fixed missing Save/Open Dialogs options. [Bug #160541]

What's new in Load:

  • Ability to setup goals for load tests
  • New Overview in Test Analysis, shows Goals, Key Metrics based on those goals, and Page Specific
  • Fixed Aggregation to be far more consistent
  • Support for Windows Authentication.

What's new in Performance:

  • All Performance configuration and result files are now stored in JSON rather than a binary format, allowing for custom applications to be written to access the data of your performance tests
  • New Performance Template feature allows for saving groups of Performance Counters to file for reuse later.

What's new in Test Studio Core:

  • Ability to automatically configure the supported browser for automation
  • Data-driven element find expressions
  • A number of improvements in cross-browser support, silverlight, dialog handling, recording, execution, data-binding, bug-tracking, TeamPulse and more.

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