Test Studio

Release History

R1 2014

April 10, 2014

R1 2014 (version 2014.1.410)

NEW - Adds support for Visual Studio 2013
- Adds support for Team Explorer 2013
- Adds support for Chrome 34
- Adds support for Firefox v27 & v28
- Performance optimization of loading tests and elements operations in bigger projects, Visual Studio plugin.
- Added Test Details panel in the Project View. TeamPulse data is exposed for easy access.
- Added new SetText step "Support Unicode" property for a codeless solution helping automation of apps requiring KeyDown/KeyUp events to be fired
- Html: New CheckBox and RadioButton.Check() methods including invokeOnChange option.
FIXED - Browser Calibration: IE calibration missing download dialog setting
- Check for Update: not respecting the exact product version notes
- Coded steps: ArgumentNullException thrown when using RunSelectedStep on coded step
- Data Binding: Opening Data Binding dialog can cause app crash for large project
- Dialog Handling: Dialogs not handled in Firefox 27 
- Dialog Handling: Specific download dialog not handled in IE8
- Dialog Handling: Problem recording two consecutive alert dialogs in a modal window
- Dialog Handling: Specific download dialogs handle fails if the file already exists for Chrome and Firefox
- Elements Explorer: Elements load/merge problem for specific customer projects
- Elements Explorer: Pages merge problem with Save All scenario
- Elements Explorer: Changing an existing Window caption fails
- Elements Explorer: Changes in frame node are not persisted
- Elements Explorer: Silverlight app nodes loaded incorrecly
- Elements Explorer: Wpf Application node rename and merge issues
- Elements Explorer: WPF - 'edit in live' does not work when page expression is using tilde '~'
- Elements Explorer: NullReference in edit element custom scenario
- Elements Explorer: Updating element find logic can cause unhandled exception
- Execution: Deep folder test execution fails silently
- Execution: Test Studio Application Log missing the name of the test that is being executed
- Execution Command Line: Error running test "Could not create an instance of type ArtOfTest.Common.SourceControl.IRepositoryInfo"
- Execution Command Line: AoT.Runner not respecting the 'output' folder
- Execution Remote: Misleading error "The path is not of a legal form" running test as step in code remotely 
- Execution Visual Debugger: Index was out of range error while apply test update
- Execution visual Debugger: Execution fails with Object reference not set if you "rerun" test step
- Execution Web: Leading apostrophe in an HTML <img> alt Attribute causes test failure
- Execution WPF: Abort doesn't close the application
- Find Expression Builder: Edit element will lead to error if you put invalid FEB value through data binding
- Framework: AJAX handling fails for KendoUI jQuery AJAX requests
- Framework: Check checkbox step fails to trigger change event
- Framework: Memory leak - a collection is not disposed after disposing the manager instance
- Framework Chrome: Step execution cannot start in Chrome 34 due to problem with the security notification
- Framework Chrome: Browser extensions fail to inject into Chrome
- Framework Chrome: Unable to connect to custom frame
- Framework Chrome: Frame collection is empty for a customer application
- Framework Firefox: Frame collection is empty for a customer application
- Framework Firefox: Input clicks not performed in Firefox 27
- Framework Firefox: HtmlStyleColorAndBackground.BackgroundColor returns null instead of value
- Framework Firefox: Logon and Prompt dialogs are not handled in Firefox 28
- Framework Internet Explorer: Unable to load content for cross-domain frame
- Framework Internet Explorer: Data-driven drop-down selection written in code fails to choose available option by text when it contains a non breaking space (&nbsp;)
- Load Testing: Optimized memory usage of load agents for scnearios with non-data-bound responses
- Load Testing: Capture from existing web test in Load doesn't respect the Base Url in the project settings
- Load Testing: Load capture does not discard browsers' background service traffic
- Load Testing: StatusDescription field contains StatusCode when copying from FiddlerCore
- Load Testing: Response times in load test do not account for timeouts
- Load Testing: Several issues with the load result graph
- Load Testing: Load test sparklines will show the last value received on the test, even if the test is complete
- Load Testing: Exported HTML load result contains the results of previous executed load tests
- Manual Testing: Manual step description is blank on converting to automated test
- Performance Testing: Performance runs of data bound test fail, although the steps pass
- Recording Internet Explorer: Unable to access frame content scenario
- Recording Internet Explorer: "Left mouse button up" event is triggered multiple times when recording mouse clicks in IE10, Win8
- Recording Internet Explorer: Bad recording performance (Win8, IE10) due to invisible iframes for customer app
- Recording Silverlight: Unable to connect recorder to specific Silverlight application
- Recording Chrome: Newly recorded steps not added in case of order change in the identification schemes
- Recording Firefox/Chrome: Recording does not respect project's BaseURL
- Recording Firefox: Logon and Prompt dialogs are not recorded in Firefox 28
- Recording WPF: Recording a WPF combobox select by text where the text begins with a '-' character will not play back
- Recording WPF: Unexpected recording of executed steps on RunSelected with customer WPF ModalDialog application
- Results View: Edit existing manual testlist result leads to unhandled exception
- Test Explorer: Issues with steps undo/redo leading to unhandled exceptions
- Test Lists: Unable to add manual tests from specific folders creating/editing a manual test list 
- Telerik Translators: Compile error for ambiguous IRadWatermarkTextBox referring both Telerik.WebAii.Controls.Xaml.dll and Telerik.WebAii.Controls.Xaml.Wpf.dll
- Telerik Translators: RadInput for AJAX test failure in Firefox
- TFS Integration: Loading source-controlled test lists is slow
- TFS Integration: Specific source controlled projects are not opened with the correct source control statuses
- Visual Studio: Usability issue with Step Suggestions activation
- Visual Studio: Bigger Project load may take longer than expected
- Visual Studio: Test Explorer would iterate through all tests on test execute
- Visual Studio: Bug tracking auto-submit on is failing
CHANGED - Project version upgrade to '2014.1.407'
- Project Backup creates a .ZIP archive
- Load Testing: FiddlerCore upgrade to v2.4.6.0

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