Test Studio

Release History

R1 2012 SP2

July 19, 2012

[Common (Standalone + VS)]

NEW Recording:
  • New: Adds support for recording on 64-bit IE and IE 10 (Windows 8). [Bug #153968]
Project Model:
  • New: Allows deletion of test that is used as a Test as Step. [Bug #136052, PITS #8450]
Test Explorer:
  • New: Password encryption for the Logon dialog handler's password. [Bug #156830, PITS #11344]
Data Binding:
  • New: Allow column to be selectable in the data binding properties to avoid having to type in and know column names. [Bug #122030, PITS #10142]
User Settings:
  • New: 'Disable UI Usage' user setting. This is to avoid specific UI automation problem on IE9 resulting in recorder crashing the browser on particular web pages. [Bug #156868, #157891, PITS #11352]
FIXED Recording:
  • Fixed incorrect SL/WPF TabControl type generated for TabItem element in code when adding the element manually on recording. [Bug #157296, PITS #11433]
  • Fixed recording/highlighting doesn't work against Nav bar in Silverlight application. [Bug #156786, PITS #11335]
  • Fixed unable to record/highlight against specific extended WPF window with generic type. [Bug #156639, PITS #11381]
  • Fixed exception recording TreeView click action against a customer Silverlight application. [Bug #157744]
  • Fixed Virtually memory taken up by Test Studio keeps stacking up when test fails. [Bug #152668, PITS #10946]
  • Fixed Silverlight tooltip message keeps displaying after verification. [Bug #155294, PITS #11159]
  • Fixed execution doesn't run for data-bound LogOn dialog using value extraction. [Bug #155902, PITS #11223]
  • Fixed Quick Execution hangs navigating to URL after customer's specific Silverlight verification as UI if condition. [Bug #155508, PITS #11175]
  • Fixed XML section in a HTML body leads to error: Tag collection is either empty or has less elements than the element occurrence requested. [Bug #156802, PITS #11338]
  • Fixed ExecutionExtension.OnInitializeDataSource() being called at the test end and also for each child test in case of InheritParentDataSource = true. [Bug #156793, PITS #11337]
  • Fixed the "PopupWaitTimeout" value is not respected during execution. [Bug #157286, PITS #11430]
  • Fixed unable to close a Modal pop-up in Firefox for a customer application. [Bug #156640, PITS #11315]
  • Fixed WPF Open and SaveFile dialog handling doesn't respect a data driven FilePath property. [Bug #156341, PITS #11274]
  • Fixed WaitForExistsNot condition for If...Else step appears to fail incorrectly. [Bug #156342, PITS #11275]
Project Model:
  • Fixed possible compile error due to pages.g.cs if created in a sub folder of the project root folder. [Bug #158147]
  • Fixed possible unhandled exception due to pages.g.cs being locked by another process. [Bug #124216]
Elements Explorer:
  • Fixed lost selection upon showing elements for the current test only. [Bug #155246]
  • Fixed elements do not remain sorted or collapsed. [Bug #156145, #156146]
  • Fixed page element merge during recording doesn't take into account possible merge page element on refresh/rebuild. [Bug #156502]
Test Explorer:
  • Fixed step is disappearing upon transforming Test as Step. [Bug #158418, PITS #11627]
  • Fixed incorrect test step results for logical operations in a data-driven execution scenario. [Bug #147968]
  • Fixed problems when trying to create a new 'test as step' directly from IF/ELSE steps in a test. [Bug #157321]
  • Fixed possible unhandled exception upon deleting steps after drag/drop. [Bug #138037]
  • Fixed capturing images during recording even the storyboard is disabled from the user settings. [Bug #156778, PITS #11333]
  • Fixed cannot recapture storyboard on sub tests. [Bug #156439]
Data Binding:
  • New: Ability to bind to huge data (millions of records). The user is prompted to select the number of records to display then is able to bind the test accordingly. [Bug #158522, PITS #11648]
  • Fixed setting local data columns to 0 in test data viewer prevents test from loading. [Bug #156968, PITS #11368]
Code Generation:
  • Fixed code gen doesn't respect the LogMessageOnError property. [Bug #155418]
  • Fixed possible unhandled exception regenerating the elements in a scenario where the project with coded tests is loaded in VS and TS at the same time. [Bug #158356]
  • Fixed indescriptive error trying to execute a WPF test with incorrect application location. [Bug #155175]
  • Fixed cannot exit the "Configure WPF Application Path" window by clicking "cancel" issue. [Bug #155344]
  • Fixed blank wpf window caption in the elements explorer leading to compile errors for coded tests. [Bug #155176]
User Settings:
  • Changed external references assemblies are persisted with relative path if possible. [Bug #141063]


NEW Silverlight/WPF:
  • New: Exposed Element.IsVisible property for Silverlight as well to address WPF vs. Silverlight API inconvenience. [Bug #159242]
FIXED Internet Explorer:
  • Fixed left mouse click times out for button click on a customer site. [Bug #152069, PITS #10684]
  • Fixed Chrome AJAX test randomly fails on latest Chrome versions. [Bug #154912, #158817, PITS #11104]
  • Fixed connect to pop-up window step within a Test as Step causes Chrome failure. [Bug #144792, PITS #9629]
  • Fixed Google Chrome 19 may fail to close after test failure. [Bug #157453, PITS #11459]
  • Fixed unable to find elements inside frames under Safari problems. [Bug #144353, #155470]
  • Fixed Safari extension does not update automatically during upgrade. [Bug ##157134]
  • Fixed SL & WPF ComboBox.SelectItemByText doesn't click the item if already selected. [Bug #155543, PITS #11181]
  • Fixed TextBlock inlines serialization of custom FontStyle, FontWeight and FontStretch. [Bug #155617]
  • Fixed running test over bound Silverlight text boxes the text entered in the second TextBox doesn't appear in the first TextBox. [Bug #158094]
  • Fixed playback fails for customer specific application with a splash screen. [Bug #156590, PITS #11350]
Dialog Handling:
  • Fixed handling FileUploadDialog test failure. [Bug #154073, PITS #10998]
  • Fixed handling alert dialog following confirmation dialog in Firefox. [Bug #155631]


  • Grid, Calendar, Inputs, Menu, PanelBar: Updated to support latest KendoUI version output changes.
  • Calendar, TimePicker, ComboBox, DropDownList: Added toggle action handling.
  •  Added FulldateValue translator verification.
  •  SelectDay improved.

[RadControls for AJAX]

  • New: RadHtmlChart wrappers and translators.
  • New: RadPivotGrid wrapper and translator.
  •  New: Added multi-column headers support.
  • TreeView: Fixed recording against link nodes fails. [Bug #157684, PITS #11498]
  •   Fixed Grid pager translator does not correctly find advanced pager input elements.
  • ColorPicker: Fixed 'Element Not found!' exception when trying to select a color using the SelectItem() method. [Bug #159615, PITS #11833]
  • Calendar: Fixed row/column header clicks translation fails for multi-month mode.
  • Scheduler: Fixes ChangeHours action throwing NullReference if added from the step suggestions. [Bug #158906]
  • Toolbar, ImageEditor: More restrictive locators and action handling.

[RadControls for Silverlight/WPF]

  • New: RadScheduleView wrappers and translators.
  • Docking: Added select tool window action handling.
  • ChartView: Added Visibility property for ChartView gridlines and striplines.
  • ComboBox: Fixes SL RadComboBoxItem click exception during recording if the item is wrapped inside some other component than RadComboBox. [Bug #157869]

[RunTime Edition +]

NEW Scheduling
  • New: Improved execution server UI in regards to test execution status.
FIXED Command Line Runner:
  • Fixed originally created .aiiresult file doesn't get replaced after repeated execution using the command line. [Bug #155202, PITS #11146]
  • Fixed Scheduling applications are no longer dependent on .Net 3.5. [Bug #155260, PITS #11153]
  • Fixed unable to configure the Scheduling Service from the Hosted Services UI. [Bug #155288]
  • Fixed scheduled tests may fail due to missing TFS Client plugin. [Bug #156775]
  • Fixed scheduling data bound test as step scenario produces test results with missing data iterations. [Bug #156012, PITS #11235]
  • Fixed run result publishing fails due to serialization exception, data iterations are missing on load. [Bug #156390]
  • Fixed mixed body encoding of the emails sent by the scheduling for customer.
CHANGED Scheduling
  • Changed: the scheduling execution is now based on the Runner.exe. This addresses any execution issues related to the scheduling versus local execution. In addition some requested features are no longer needed. [Bug #136706, PITS #8512]


NEW Load:
  •  Profiling Metrics now available in Load Testing. Set up in the Environment screen.
  •  Now able to analyze data from individual agents.
  •  Find/Replace inside of URLs in the Editing of User Profiles.
  •  Data Points in the Analysis screen now scale to be within range of each other.
Project View:
  • New: Project names could contain any file valid symbol. [Bug #138710, PITS #10160]
  • New: Refresh picks up the data source if placed into the Data folder. [Bug #156457]
  • New: Export project to VS 2012.
  • New: Ability to immediately execute test list on remote machines through the scheduling server.
  • New: Managed results now displays the name of the associated project as well.
Bug Tracking:
  • New: Sharing bug tracker settings from Exploratory to new Test Studio projects. [Bug #150199]
  •  SQL Data Sources bound to Load Tests no longer prevent test execution. [Bug #157758]
Project View:
  • Fixed test as step copy/paste issues wrong TestPath property. [Bug #156871, #156875]
Source Control:
  • Fixed source controlled load tests are not properly shown in Project Explorer and are always set for commit. [Bug #155366]
Test Lists:
  • Fixed error on loading dynamic test list with mixed filters (Priority + something else). [Bug #156501, PITS #11305]
  • Fixed opening multiple instances of test list builder leaks memory. [Bug #155747]
  • Fixed dynamic lists not updating test lists count properly for copy/pasted tests. [Bug #155762]
  • Fixed dynamic test list does not correctly handle empty Custom Property values. [Bug #146772]
  • Fixed Priority compare value not visualized for dynamic test list filter. [Bug #156801]
  • Fixed dynamic lists don't get updated when a test property is changed to fulfill its criteria. [Bug #156983]
  • Fixed: Slow loading of run results from server; may even lead to out of memory exception.
Result View:
  • Fixed ResultsViewer and Scheduling recurrence wizard doesn't respect the current culture in determining the first day of week. [Bug #155971, PITS #11232]
  • Fixed ResultView.SubmitBug silently fails for result with compile errors. [Bug #156330]
Bug Tracking:
  • Fixed bug tracking compatibility with TFS 2012.
  • Fixed image capturing issue if the feedback tool is started multiple times manually. [Bug #155183]
  • Fixed the tool does not always launch from the first click in Firefox and Safari. [Bug #155195]
Manual Test Runner:
  • Fixed unhandled exception in case of empty test list. [Bug #157569]
CHANGED Scheduling:
  • Changed: The method of compression/decompression on loading results from the scheduling server. [Bug #158207, PITS #11591]

[Visual Studio Plugin]

  • New: Support for VS 2012 Release Candidate including their new Test Explorer.
  • Fixed Page & element changes are not persisted unless test in open in the test editor. [Bug #158523, PITS #11649]
  • Fixed newly added tests are loaded uninitialized in VS. [Bug #157332, PITS #11441]
  • Fixed incorrect cleanup of elements explorer in VS on closing another project. [Bug #155820, PITS #11210]
  • Fixed unable to auto submit bug to TeamPulse server for failing test list in VS. [Bug #155629]
  • Fixed cannot create a test as step directly from steps in a folder in Visual Studio. [Bug #157290]


  • Chrome: Reworked communication with the browser addressing latest Chrome versions issues
  • VS 2012 Support
  • Recording on 64-bit IE and IE 10 (Windows 8)
  • Load: New features like Profiling metrics, analyze data from individial agents,
  • Scheduling improvements: synced runner with the regular runner.exe, new instant remote execution, enhanced result reporting UI on the execution server.
  • New step data-binding experience of Web and WPF tests.

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