Test Studio

Release History

R1 2012 SP1

May 28, 2012

[Common (Standalone + VS)]

FIXED Recording:
  •  Fixed download path is not recorded in the download step if you record with IE8.
  •  Fixed download dialog issue in IE9: If you use "default" SAVE button on Download Dialog it records it as OPEN.
  •  Fixed embedded controls into RadDocument using InlineUIContainers cannot be highlighted.
  •  Fixed RadEditor set text step is not consistently recorded
  •  Fixed incorrect recording of the "Add Manual Step" dialog in WPF.
  •  Fixed recording of wrong index of combobox selection in WPF.
  •  Fixed IE9 unhandled exception during recording type text in a GridViewCell on a customer site.
  •  Fixed specific data-driven scenario throwing NullReference exception.
  •  Fixed Silverlight execution scenario failing with meaningless KeyNotFound exception.
  •  Fixed HtmlInputFile.Upload gets stuck if put into a loop.
  •  Fixed Unable to upload more than one file successively.
  •  Added BaseUrl log into the test result if available in the settings.
  •  Fixed Unable to select an option from a Menu bar in IE8.
  •  Fixed possible unhandled exception on Quick Execute changing the test name.
  •  Fixed incorrect iteration count in a data-driven test execution.
  •  Fixed total step count in result data is wrong due to not executed steps in a data-driven test.
  •  Improved coded tests failure details.
Test Explorer:
  •  Fixed memory leak on switching to and from Test View.
  •  Fixed possible unhnalded exception on selectings multiple steps via Shift key.
  •  Fixed incorrect HTML SetText code generation for SimulateRealUser=false aboout content editable (HTML 5) control.
Elements Explorer:
  •  Fixed possible ungandled exception on validating filtered nodes.
  •  Fixed elements explorer not refreshed properly after switching between test types.
  •  Fixed unable to load images after project is closed and reopened.
  •  Fixed recapture storyboard of SL tests leads to misaligned highlighting in screenshots.
  •  Fixed step name in storyboard is not updated if you navigate using the keyboard arrow keys.
  •  Fixed exception exporting the storyboard of a fast-forwarded manual test.
  •  Fixed manually adding elements to the project doesn't respect the specified custom name.
  •  Added a warning on browsing for application whether its a real WPF app.
Bug Tracking:
  •  Fixed error in TeamPulse when opening bug submitted from Test Studio that contains ampersand (&) in description.
  •  Fixed unable to define custom fields of a TFS work item to submit to.

Step Failure Details:
  •  Test as step QuickExe: expected image is missing on exporting failure details.

[KendoUI Translators]

  • Added Pager translator.
  • Panel: Added Index verification.
  • ListView: Added selected items count verification.
  •   Fixed KendoGridGroup.GroupIndex property.
FIXED  Grid:
  •   Fixed KendoGridGroup.GroupIndex property.

[RadControls Translators for Silverlight/WPF]

  • Adds RadDocking support for WPF.
  • RadRibbonView: Fixed application menu click action not being recorded.
  • RadDiagram: Added position verification.

[RadControls Wrappers for Silverlight/WPF]

  • Adds RadDocking support for WPF.
  • GridView: Fixed Silverlight GridViewCell.ToolTipText is returning empty.
  • ChartView: financial indicators update, added new indicators.
  • ComboBox: Fixed customer scenario about SelectTime timing out.


NEW Load:
  • Added data binding of Load tests. Hook up data binding as a functional test, then in the User Profile editor one can specify data columns for binding get query parameters and post content parameters.
  • Added page specific metrics. For any new load test, one can see which pages had errors, what errors they were, and the average response time for that page.
  • Added ability to delete load results from the database through the analysis screen.
  • Added exporting load data to excel or html formats.
  • Improved the metrics all have been overhauled to make more sense. Most of them are now per second as opposed to total over the life of the test.
  • Added: Data comes back from the test sooner. There will be no longer a long front end flat area of data at the start of the test.
  • Added: HTTP Errors now show up in the service log.
  •  Added an option to the Execution Server UI to restart it on each execution.

Quality Center Integration:

  •  Added ability to update already published test. Previously generated results become obsolete!

  • Fixed test completion with a large number of users takes a long time to complete.
  • Fixed lag switching to Run view when controller is not running.
  • Fixed dynamic target detection is too slow.
  • Fixed dynamic target detection is missing progress UI.
  • Fixed possible unhandled exception detecting dynamic parameters.
  • Fixed workload column on Design view wobbles when you change percentage to or from 100%.
  • Fixed stats are only reported after a virtual user completes, causing data to only be written out after a user completes.
  • Fixed Can't add Think Time after last step in Edit User Profile.
  • Fixed Think Time icons vanish from Edit User Profile Steps.
  • Fixed agents do not stop execution when somethign goes wrong with the controller.
  • Fixed "Exception detected with no response" getting logged in load testing services log.
  • HTTP request editor erroneously marks request content as encoded.
  • Fixed resizing issues with the feedback panel.
  • Fixed re-capture doesn't clear the markup.
Project View:
  •  Fixed on exit project dbsrc file prompts for save, even it has been saved already.
  •  Fixed rename or move test used as step doesn't update the master tests if the step is included in a logical operator.
Test View:
  •  Fixed code window is not immediately not editable after adding coded step.
Source Control:
  •  Fixed files not set to clean during check-in. ]
  •  Fixed cannot save copied test while in source control
  •  Fixed test renaming fails if 'Enable multiple checkout' is unselected.
  •  Fixed unhandled exception on deleting an existing performance result and selecting a benchmark result after that.
  •  Fixed Test Results are missing after successful Test List execution.
Test Lists:
  •  Fixed incorrectly adding manual and load tests into dynamic test lists.
  •  Fixed test list copy loses the Multibrowser settings.
Result View:
  •  Fixed opening specific run result leads to unhandled exception.
  •  Fixed 'Del' press with selected results displays empty message for confirmation and doesn't delete results. ]
  •  Fixed large customer run result is slow to load due to unnecessary data loading.
  •  Fixed selected results are not easy to identify.
  •  Fixed exception trying to execute tests for a bug tracking setup project.
Standalone Results Viewer:
  •  Fixed unhandled exception opening run result with failed tests due to element not found exception.
  •  No longer loading the entire result data on choosing result initially.
Team Pulse Integration:
  •  Improved TP connection forms authentication.
Quality Center Integration:
  •  Fixed publishing results fails in case of existing empty test list.
  •  Fixed QC configuration with version control does not populate Execution Grid after publishing Result. ]
  •  Fixed tests tree expand empty row for each load test.
  • Changed: Load is storing a temp config file in ProgramData instead of the installer Bin folder to help on upgrade.

[Visual Studio Plugin]

  • Fixed Drag&Drop in a 'Test as Step' is causing the steps in that test to appear in incorrect order.
  • Fixed Needlessly adding Data folder to deployment items list.
  • Fixed alert dialog is not handled when "Run" from Test List editor.


  • Fixed Chrome 19 execution leads to error.
  • Fixed Set/GetCookie failures.

Dialog Handling:

  • Fixed XP & IE8 download dialog handling: "Download Complete" window not handled.
  • Fixed download dialog handling not working in IE7.
  • Fixed the HandlerDelegate is not called for ConfirmDialog and AlertDialog running under Firefox. ]
  • Fixed problem with Confirm and OnBeforeUnload dialog handling from a modal popup.
  • Fixed Alert dialog not handled when launched from a popup in Firefox. ]
  • Fixed Upload Dialog with custom name not handled correctly in code for alternative browsers.
  • Fixed Alert, Confirm and OnBeforeUnload dialogs throwing unsupported IE 10 version.


  • Fixed clear cookies step does not work in FireFox.
  • Fixed Extraction and Verification steps against textboxes are failing in Firefox.
  • Fixed random errors invoking script under Firefox.


  • Added ability to locate WPF window by caption with partial match (WpfApplication.GetWindow(caption) accepts "~" as a starting symbol).
  • Added ability to retrieve the Inline collection (Runs) from a TextBlock.
  • Added GradientBrush.GradientStops property for WPF.
  • Added ability to retrieve WPF type property, i.e. element.GetProperty<Brush>("Background")
  • Fixed framework elements retrieved via app.Find.By methods don't respect the app.Find.Strategy.
  • Fixed TextBlock.Text does not respect multiple text blocks.
  • Fixed possible NullReference exception calling VisualFind.AllBy* method in a WPF test.

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