Test Studio

Release History

R1 2012

April 11, 2012

R1 2012 (version 2012.1.411)

Load Testing
  • Added new test type to Test Studio so that users can perform load and stress testing

Bug Tracking
  • Ability to configure and submit bugs to TFS and TeamPulse. The options to submit bug for failed test include:
    * Test Explorer context menu
    * Step Failure Details
    * Results View
    * Visual Debugger
    * Auto-submit during execution (Test Lists)

Exploratory Testing
  • Explore during browsing (IE, FF, Chrome and Safari) and send your feedback. Supports:
    * Image capturing with annotations
    * Integration with bug tracking
    * Send the feedback via email, MS Word document or HTML file.

Quality Center Integration
  • Ability to publish tests and results to QC

Encrypted Passwords
  • Added "Encrypt" property for Password EnterText step. Once encrypted the password cannot be decrypted anymore unless the step is recorded again.

Test Explorer - CreateTestAsStep, Drill-down to test as step

Dynamic IDs handled during execution
BackupSearch (by XPath) is used during execution if the primary search (find expressions) fails. Enabled by default, controlled by the UseBackupSearch step property

AjaxTimeout on HTML actions
  • Added AjaxTimeout property for HTML actions to trigger the async requests for MS or jQuery AJAX

Breaking Changes:
  • Firefox execution requires enabling the system proxy
  • Firefox 3.X is no longer supported 

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