12 Signs You Need a Test Automation Tool

Not sure if your organization really needs a test automation solution? This infographic is a good place to start. It identifies typical problems teams experience prior to adopting a test automation solution. Many may sound familiar, and you can track your score at the bottom of the infographic—don’t miss it.

Native web hybrid mobile app development

Everything You Wanted To Know About Native, Hybrid and Web Apps; but Were Afraid To Ask

As the debate about web, hybrid and native continues, we are starting to see trends that give us a glimpse into the future of mobile app development. One fact remains the same, all three approaches have their own advantages and disadvantages and the decision of choosing the right approach should be made on a case per case basis.  Knowing the best use cases for all three approaches will help you make better choices based on your project needs. The infographic below takes a more in depth look at the statistics, trends and best use cases for the three approaches.

HTML5 Adoption: Fact or Fiction

Check out the results from the first developer survey conducted by Kendo UI. 
Kendo UI surveyed over 4,000 software developers all over the world in order to gain insights about the usage of HTML5 and the expectations of developers who have embraced cross-platform development for their future projects.

26 Essential Metrics for Successful Mobile Apps

You have a great app idea and have created a mobile app to share your amazing idea with the world. The app made a great impact initially and marketing activities seem to be attracting downloads. But revenue is declining. What's wrong?

The answer is simple: to make your mobile app a success, you need to constantly improve it. In fact, Gartner suggests a release cycle of 1.5 - 2 months for mobile apps. So how should you identify which parts of your app to improve? For this, application analytics are a must.