Telerik JustAssembly

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Key Features

  • Decompile and Compare .NET Assemblies

    Compare and analyze two .NET assembly versions with a click of a button. No need to decompile first.

  • Binary Code Diff. Method Diff.

    JustAssembly produces a diff on all compiled code, including methods. Drill into a method and see what’s changed.

  • Powered by JustDecompile Engine

    Before being compared assemblies are decompiled to C# via the open source Progress® Telerik® JustDecompile Engine.

  • Keep Your API Changes in Check

    JustAssembly ensures that you're not introducing breaking changes into your API when releasing a new version of your product.
  • Compare Build Outputs. Save Time.

    Be efficient. Compare the output of a complex build process before it reaches users.
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