Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform

Adaptive UI for building Windows 10 apps with one code base. Completely Open Source.

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Key Features

  • Build One App to Reach All Windows 10 Devices

    Common and device-family specific APIs are bundled in Progress® Telerik® UI for UWP. Easily implement various functionalities in your UWP projects and create a single app package running on every device in the Windows 10 device family.

  • Rich Set of Application Building Blocks

    Save development time with a wide range of out-of-the-box controls for various application scenarios. Manage data with the Grid or ListView components and create beautiful visualizations with the Chart, Gauges and BulletGraph controls.

  • Unrivaled Performance and UX

    Easily develop complex, high-performance apps for desktop, tablets and phones. Our vast XAML experience means we understand the layout bottlenecks and thus construct our components to render in the most efficient and performant way.

  • Developer Friendly and Easily Customizable

    Get started immediately and enjoy an intuitive experience with detailed online documentation and getting-started pages. Enjoy endless customization capabilities and change the style of the controls to build a custom look for your app.

  • Open-Source or Commercial License

    Choose between the open-source or commercial versions of Telerik UI for UWP depending on the needs of your business. The commercial licence is the best choice for LoB and professional applications requiring expert and timely technical support.

  • Support During Your Evaluation

    Get industry-leading tech support during your evaluation period directly from the developers who created the suite. You can also review the extensive online documentation for even faster results.


Greatness—it’s one thing to say you have it, but it means more when others recognize it. Telerik is proud to hold the following industry awards.


20+ UI Controls for Universal Windows Platform

  • Grid

    Create native, rich and powerful Grids with customizable and sortable columns, data editing, selection, filtering and grouping capabilities

    More about Grid
  • Charts

    Add stunning Charts to your Windows 10 application. Choose from a rich set of series including: Bar, Line, Area, Pie, Scatter and Polar charts.

    More about Chart
  • DataForm

    Edit the properties of a business object during runtime and build mobile forms quickly and easily with the DataForm component.

    More about DataForm
  • ListView

    Manage your data with out-of-the-box support for grouping, sorting and filtering. Enjoy smooth browsing experience through large sets of data, thanks to the advanced data virtualization mechanism.

    More about ListView

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Telerik UI for UWP
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  • All 22 Controls
  • Full Source Code Availability
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  • Apache 2.0 Supported License

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Telerik UI for UWP
Premium Support Edition

  • 24-hour Response Time
  • Product Updates for 1 Year
  • Support From the Product Creators
  • Downloadable Installer (.msi)

$ 599
per developer, royalty-free

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What's New

Telerik UI  for UWP - Sticky group headers for ListView

Sticky group headers for ListView

Keep the group items in view while scrolling through an items list in Silverlight ListView control.

Telerik UI for UWP - Add appointments in Calendar

Button for adding new appointments in Calendar

Telerik’s Calendar control for UWP is now equipped with a floating action button for adding new appointments.

Support and Learning

Getting Started with Telerik UI for UWP_1170x285

Getting Started with Telerik UI for UWP

Looking to get started with Telerik UI for UWP? Take a deep dive into building apps with our free and open-source UI controls for Universal Windows Platform.

Progress Telerik UI for UWP Joins the .NET Foundation_270x123

Telerik UI for UWP joins the .NET Foundation

We’re pleased to announce that the Progress Telerik UI for UWP project will be joining the .NET Foundation. Our goal as always is to make your lives as developers easier and when you’re getting work done better and faster, we know we’re doing our own jobs well.



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