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Store, create, manage, schedule and view reports from a single web interface. Building for multiple technologies? Need embedded reporting? Consider purchasing DevCraft Ultimate to maximize productivity.

Need additional end user licenses for Report Server?

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Each developer working with the UI of your application and using Progress Telerik products needs an individual license. Volume discounts are available when you buy as few as 2 licenses.

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Multi-Year Discounts

Secure the lowest possible renewal price (50% off the initial license price) and earn an extra discount by choosing a subscription period that best matches your project timeframe and needs.

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With multi-year subscriptions you save time and money, while ensuring uninterrupted access to product updates and support.

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Progress launches updates multiple times each year. By purchasing a renewal you will receive one additional year of version updates and support.

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Each license comes with one year of dedicated support with 24-hour response time

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