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Telerik Report Server


What's Coming in Progress Telerik Report Server?

We are thrilled to share our commitment to delivering exceptional value to you through significant features in our upcoming releases! Your feedback has been instrumental in shaping Telerik Report Server, and we invite you to continue sharing your thoughts, plans, and ideas on our dedicated feedback portal.

Exciting Changes to Our Release Cadence

We are excited to announce an evolution in our product release strategy. Telerik Report Server will now feature four major releases per year, up from three. This strategic shift is aimed at providing you with quicker access to the latest features and ensuring a faster feedback loop with our valued clients. Additionally, we will introduce mid-cycle stability releases as needed to enhance overall product reliability.

Revised Product Release Schedule

Mark your calendars for our upcoming releases, each packed with exciting new features and improvements:

  • 2024 Q1 Release - Month: February
  • 2024 Q2 Release - Month: May
  • 2024 Q3 Release - Month: August
  • 2024 Q4 Release - Month: November

Stay tuned for a journey of innovation and continuous improvement!

Telerik Report Server

Report generation engine improvements


All the reporting engine improvements defined on Telerik Reporting Roadmap will also be available in the Report Server.

Send scheduled reports in one common email

New feature

We will enhance the Scheduled reports' delivery allowing to send the reports in one common email to all subscribers.

Web Report Designer improvements

New feature

All defined improvements to the Web Report Designer defined in the Telerik Reporting Roadmap will also be available to the Report Server users so that they get more productivity and flexibility when implementing their report definitions.

Bring Report Server on the Linux platform

New feature

We will migrate all apps of the Report Server to the new .NET platform and will implement the necessary deployment tooling to enable Linux deployment. This will give essential flexibility to our clients when implementing the server.

SSO in Report Server .NET

New feature R1 2023

We will bring the single sign authentication functionality in the Report Server for .NET, covering both Mictosoft Entra ID and ADFS. This will allow easy SSO setup and improved security for your clients.

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