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Improved Web Designer

With the second release of 2021, the Web Report Designer has been improved with the following new features: 

  • Implement drag & drop behavior for the data fields from the Explorer tab to easily generate text boxes with the appropriate expression to reference the dragged field and also to easily position and parent them on the report surface.  

  • Implement drag & drop behavior for the components from the Components tab to easily position and parent them on the report surface. 

  • Easily add dynamic table groups from a dedicated context menu on the table item. 

Improved Report Designer

New Swiss Barcode Symbology

With R2 2021, we’ve introduced Swiss QR Code support in line with the Swiss QR Bill, which requires the gradual replacement of payment slips with digital QR codes. The new Swiss Barcode exposes a rich API, enabling easy setup of all required entities to generate output that conforms to all corresponding government regulations.

New Swiss Barcode Symbology

Newly Released Report Content Themes

With the second release in 2021, we've added more report content themes to the new band report wizard so that report authors have more options to choose from. The new themes are: 

  • Kendo Default 
  • Kendo Bootstrap 
  • Office 2019 
  • Blue Opal (now available for band report as well) 

Newly Release Report Content Themes

Apply Export Visibility and Settings per Each Report

The report model API now allows hiding an export option, changing its description and changing the export parameters for a particular report. Ty to utilize this functionality, set the respective RuntimeSetting property of the report object using the available report designer tools. The settings would get respected when the report preview lists the available export options and when previewing a report in the supported report designers. The export options will also be respected when exporting a report using the Report Server’s WebAPI.

Apply Export Visibility and Settings per Each Report

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