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Learn about one of our latest products—a fully-featured standalone UI for ASP.NET Core to help you develop ASP.NET Core apps fast.

As of R3 2016, we have separated our ASP.NET Core offering in a separate product, named UI for ASP.NET Core. With this move we seek to clarify our commitment to and focus on the ASP.NET Core technology in general.

What's UI for ASP.NET Core?

UI for ASP.NET Core is the most complete UI suite for ASP.NET Core development on the market today, with over 60 tried-and-tested components, based on Kendo UI. You will find UI components for every need: data management (Grid, PivotGrid, ListView, and more), navigation and layout (Menu, TreeView, Window, Splitter, etc.), visualization (Charts, Barcodes, Gauges), editing (Spreadsheet, Editor, combobox, etc.), interactivity and more.

Telerik ASP.NET Core components are comprised of the award-winning Kendo UI HTML5/JS widgets and their server-side wrappers for ASP.NET Core. The wrappers generate the JavaScript and HTML required by the Kendo UI widgets enabling you to use C# to configure them. Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core ships the same built-in functionality as Kendo UI, but offers Core-specific features on top, including:

  • Server-side data binding and in some cases server-side rendering
  • Support for unobtrusive validation based on Data Annotation attributes
  • Visual Studio Intellisense for the server-side configuration syntax
  • Visual Studio Extensions for automatic creation of new applications
  • Built-in editor templates

The suite is fully responsive and mobile-friendly, built on the top of the Telerik web expertise:

  • All components render larger clickable areas on small screens and scale proportionately to the container in which they are placed
  • All components integrate well with grid-layout frameworks, such as Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation
  • The complex and popular components, such as grid and scheduler, serve different rendering on small screens to provide optimal user experience.

Finally, UI for ASP.NET Core offers 11 built-in, yet customizable themes which allow you to build sleek, modern apps without a designer on-hand. Registering the CSS styles of the theme on the page is all it takes to theme your project with one of the skins. To apply the professional themes on normal HTML elements, like buttons and inputs, simply use the basic CSS classes included in UI for ASP.NET Core.

Why Is It a New Suite?

We announced official ASP.NET Core 1.0 support in our UI for ASP.NET MVC in mid-July 2016. This announcement was made in the middle of our release cycle and it made sense at that point of time—Microsoft called the product MVC6 until shortly a few months before the official ASP.NET Core release (so it was OK to support it on our MVC suite). In addition, you had something to play with early on (and many of you did. Thank you!)

But it turned out that this approach 1) wasn’t the correct one and 2) didn’t scale very well. While similar, differences between the ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core are present, and specifics (cross-platform deployment, tag helpers) of the new branch are going to confuse the users who have not migrated yet. The new users on the other side would prefer to deal with content that’s 100% relevant to what they do.

I Own UI for ASP.NET MVC. What Does This Mean to Me?

Just like UI for ASP.NET MVC, the UI for ASP.NET Core product is part of the Kendo UI Complete bundle. In addition, both products are part of our DevCraft bundles. If you own any of these, you won’t have to pay any additional fee to obtain the new suite. It is already available in your account.

What’s Next for UI for ASP.NET Core?

In terms of features, the separate product means that we will maintain a separate set of resources for the new product. We already separated the demos (ASP.NET MVC from ASP.NET Core). As we move forward, we are also maintaining a separate roadmap, focused on the product specific features. One of the significant items in the current iteration would be to extract the documentation from the main Kendo UI docs.

Meanwhile, you may browse the demos and let us know which are the features you’re missing in our UserVoice portal. We would love to hear more from you!

See UI for ASP.NET Core in Action!

Register today and come join us for the DevCraft R3 2016 Release webinar on Oct. 25th, which will feature a demo of UI for ASP.NET Core among other things. It will also offer some cool prizes—you are in the running to win a prize just for attending the webinar. Extra cookie points for questions! Here are the prizes that are up for grabs:

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