Karla Krejcir
Technical Support Specialist

Since we started using Fiddler Jam, our response rate from our customers has improved dramatically. Clients report not having to follow complicated technical steps removes their apprehension to respond.

Martin Duffy
Principal Specialist - Cybersecurity
Energy Transfer

With Fiddler Jam I spend less time instructing end-users on how to record and send logs because the steps are so easy to follow.

Mike Goodwin
Director of Technical Support and Quality Assurance,
Kiddie Academy®

Telerik Test Studio enables our quality assurance team to quickly identify potential bugs pre-release within the DevOps pipeline. We have been able to scale and accelerate delivery of new features while reducing our manual testing on existing functionality. The features are deep, yet easy to use. The consistent addition of new and improved features helps improve the efficiency of our testing efforts.

Bekah Rice

Kendo UI is a force multiplier for our dev process, for our design process. Kendo UI allows me to focus on the things I do best, to spend more time designing the user experience and less time fighting with the functionality.

Zachary Hansen
Chief Technology Officer,
Angus Energy

Headless execution allows us to greatly reduce the overall time needed to complete a test cycle. This method also allows us to integrate Test Studio into our CI pipeline so we can run any portion of the test plan at the time of merge and/or deployment.

Renier Pretorius

For anyone reading this that is not a Progress Telerik customer yet, this (customer support) is why I have been since 2010. Great controls / components but even better service.

Pete O'Grady
QA Manager,

Test Studio is a fantastic platform for anyone who's new to automated testing because it's got a very intuitive UI, but also for somebody who's highly skilled as they can immediately pick up on what Test Studio can do and make very effective use of the tool.

Mohammed Al-Mosawi

Hi Telerik team working on Kendo UI, we wish to thank you for this awesome superset of products. Out of the box, work great, require tweaking for Web standards. Support is helpful, technically works as advertised.

Evlv Digital
Evlv Digital

An artisan-crafted product out of the box for a developer with less time to do with the UI and other details. Just focus on your logic, the rest is handled very well.

Terence Wight
Engineering Manager,

This is a very mature product and an excellent addition to any React development toolkit.

Mahmoud Helmy
Senior Data Scientists,
Kuwait University

Telerik UI for Blazor is a great product. It saves time, high performance and Professional Look.

Ian Herbert
Swifton Databases Ltd.

You would be hard pressed to find better support elsewhere!

Casey Burkett
Sr ETL Developer
Caliber Home Loans LLC

Kendo UI Core has dramatically reduced our development time. Now we can create simple, efficient, attractive UIs quickly, which adds value to our business and speeds up our processes.

Alex Koranteng
Software Developer

I have always admired your support, especially when it exceeds my expectations.

Jaydeep Moulik
Cardinal Health Inc

Amazing product. Got the license second time to make work easier and faster.

Dané Cupp
SPH Analytics

The Kendo UI framework is an invaluable toolset for me and my team. It cuts out dev time significantly. Thank you for such an excellent product.

Tharuka Kannangara

This so much easy to work and it helps me to do my work fast and effective

chiu man kai
project manager
Basezero Limited

We are using Telerik for product called Kendo UI Core which is used in HK. We are using Telerik for making back-end UI standard through out the product. Face on the complicated business input, we are using kendo UI to easily handle UI stuff. Such as the Matching page, we are using the window UI to contain the Splitter, inside the splitter we are using grid, multiselection.

Dejan Zecevic

Very good controls, completely satisfying our criteria and requirements.

project manager

This is a wonderful tool for the report making. I really found it very interesting and user friendly.


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