Eytan Gess
Senior Devloper,
howard county governemnt

great product

jean pierre HARCOURT

When I became interested in blazor I tested multiple products. Telerik was both the most advanced product and the easiest to use.

Software engineer,

We have been using KendoUi software solutions for frontend on asp.net web applications for more than 5 years and we are extremely satisfied with the tools they provide. The support is at a very good level. We will definitely continue to use KendoUI.

Mauro Anzola
ASIC srl

Fantastic development tool that made us take an exceptional jump in quality. I have rarely found a technical support so efficient!

Jacob Stamm
Security 101

We are a very small in-house development team at a company whose main app has a large and complex feature set. Migrating from AngularJS to modern Angular is a long, arduous path for us. The fact that we can continue using Kendo for jQuery's AngularJS integration to have a great UX while we steadily migrate is a lifesaver. And as always, the support is excellent.

Andy Gill
Goat Rodeo Software

KendoUI has made my project not just easier, but possible. I'm REALLY not good at design, but the jquery elements' theming and customization made it possible for me to come up with a good looking website. I also love the support for OData.

Dai Luong
Principal SW Architecture,
Xcelerate Solutions, LLC.

Great UI Framework with plenty of examples and libraries to work with.

Andy Wijaya
Technical Consultant,
PT Perangkat Lunak Indonesia

Kendo UI components really helped my team and I saved a lot of time creating web UI components in our recent project (especially the mighty Kendo Grid). The project was delivered successfully on time, and the users are also satisfied with the UI & UX from the web UI.

Allan Petersen
Ekontoret APS

Kendo UI for ASP.NET Core allows us to quickly and efficiently bulid business intelligence dashboards, allowing us to focus on acquiring and treating data, rather than spending substantial time developing frontend components. The extensive collection of chart components with intuitive datasource setup is especially helpful. To round it all off the documentation is excellent, as is the customer service.

Thor Kornbrek
Software Engineer,
Pizza Pro Software, LLC

Working with KendoReact has made it easier to develop high-value solutions. This allows me to focus on business needs vs. building the components.

Murad Ayoub
Engineering Manager,
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Resulted in designing powerful UI elements very easily, reducing cost and improving outcomes. Gained a good appreciation from users. Allowed the development team to focus on BL as opposed to developing complex UI elements.

Robert Gaudyn
Senior IT Systems Architect,

Good job!

Long Doan
Software Engineer,
Salt Lake City Corporation

It is a great looking UI for ASP.NET Core, especially the Grid.

osama safwat
IT Director,

I am vert proud to use DevCraft on my software company "INOOTEC"

Ben Berriz
Systems Architect,
Life Extension

The Kendo UI component set for Angular has been a game changer in our dev lifecycle. We no longer have to spend time implementing our or components, or struggling with open source support. With the time and money saved by using this toolset, I wish we would have switched over to it sooner.

Jim Robinson
Lone Star Aerospace, Inc

The ability to demo out potential solutions using your products during the trial period allowed us to quickly establish a proof of concept that allowed us to get buy in for stakeholders on using your libraries.

Michael Enos
Senior Software Engineer,
Curtiss-Wright Corporation

I needed controls to create complex grids, file uploads, menus, breadcrumbs, pie charts and tab strips in a question/answer application. The application was time sensitive since I had to present it to the client within 30 days. I was able to use Kendo UI for jQuery to implement the solution. It was easy to implement and saved me a lot of time developing custom controls. I was able to deliver the solution to the client within 30 days which made the client extremely happy.

Jacqueline Rodriguez
Logica Digital

Amazing product. Make our work easier and faster.

With the "Reporting" libraries we have saved a lot of time in creating the printouts from our management system. Now we can focus on the software features and leave the print management to Telerik Reporting.

Abolfazl Shams
Software Engineer,

Very powerful App.


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