Dawid Botha
C# Developer

Amazing components that are visually pleasing easy to implement.

Matt Eland

I can vouch that Telerik components work even when the framework is used in highly unusual ways, such as powering the application with F# instead of C#. See my published article at https://killalldefects.com/2020/01/13/adding-telerik-controls-to-elmish-wpf-apps/ on this topic.

Murad Ayoub
Engineering Manager,
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Resulted in designing powerful UI elements very easily, reducing cost and improving outcomes. Gained a good appreciation from users. Allowed the development team to focus on BL as opposed to developing complex UI elements.

Jim Robinson
Lone Star Aerospace, Inc

The ability to demo out potential solutions using your products during the trial period allowed us to quickly establish a proof of concept that allowed us to get buy in for stakeholders on using your libraries.

Bhushan Ivatury
Srikari Impetus Solutions

We had been using Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX, Telerik Reporting and WPF controls for developing a complete document management product on Windows with .NET 4.0 and it works excellent. We are also using this to develop an ASP.NET MONO application for a leading non-profit nodal organization for climate change. It works like a charm with great speed on the Linux platform. Kudos to the development team for creating such a wonderful product. We will be mostly sticking with Telerik in our future projects. It helps to make the user experience consistent across browsers and platforms. 

Troy Alford
Chief Technology Officer,
Water Street Solutions

My developer team has been using the Telerik control suite for over a year now on an internal application. From day 1, we were very impressed by the incredible feature-set, the ease of use and the great online tutorials and code examples. More recently, we have started doing a lot of client-side development, and again we are truly impressed. For people who are willing to spend the time developing deep code, I would recommend Telerik hands down.

Dusan Todorovic
Software Developer

The Telerik WPF controls are superb. I didn't realize that Telerik controls can improve business in every aspect. With UI for WPF my application looks so professional, and now I don't need to worry when developing the UI for my applications. Thanks, Progress for improving my business!

Burke Jones
Software Developer,
CAP Carpet, Inc.

Telerik tools for WPF were exactly what we needed. The GridView control is worth the price of the whole suite! Databinding is a snap, performance is good and the Filter/Sort works right away. Couldn't ask for better tools.


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