gema manzorro

It is a very powerful tool for reporting. At the beginning it is very easy to use with simple report. For more difficult stuff, the user should undertand how the report is been printed because, if not, it is very difficult.

With the "Reporting" libraries we have saved a lot of time in creating the printouts from our management system. Now we can focus on the software features and leave the print management to Telerik Reporting.

project manager

This is a wonderful tool for the report making. I really found it very interesting and user friendly.

John A. Fuqua

We chose Telerik Reporting based on its simplicity, ease of deployment, and track record in the ASP.NET component industry. The most enticing feature was that everything was done in C#. It was important that we kept the development language unified.

Carl Gideon
Enterprise Architect,

We delivered our first version in nine months—which is unheard of in this industry—because we hired 25 of the best people in the industry and gave them really good tools. Then, we converted 1,900 screens to a new UI in just two weeks. I don’t think we could have met our deadlines if we didn’t have easy to use HTML-based UI toolsets to work with. Telerik was a key component in our success.

Pawel Korczak
Vice President
INFO-KOR Sp. z o.o

We have used Telerik UI for WinForms desktop interface components for almost three years, The UI design flexibility with Telerik controls is great. Managing and adaptation for developers has been very quick and easy. Our clients enjoy the functionality of this product and we can develop our applications faster than ever. Thanks to Telerik for a great product!

Blair Wilkinson
Development Project Lead,
CVT (Global) Pty Ltd

For our recent release of software we implemented Telerik reporting and it has met and exceeded expectations. We started using Telerik because of the reporting but have found an additional major benefit to be the other Telerik tools available.

Vladimir Nikitovic
Ti Computers Solutions

More than 10 years ago we built an ERP for direct selling companies. The first major update of the software was when we started using Visual Studio and MS SQL, but the real breakthrough was when we started using the Telerik controls. This proved as a great move forward in terms of:  faster development, reliability, better UX with stunning UI. Our customers are really happy with the UI and the frequent enhancements in our software. Many of them are directly related with the new features introduced in the Telerik tools we use.

Pedro-Martir Estrada
SharePoint Developer,
Target Engineering Group, Inc.

Telerik Reporting is so easy to use it's crazy. The team has definitely put some serious time into making it quick to pick up. They give you the possibility to customize it to your liking or use their default theme which looks super professional. I've made 100+ reports with Telerik Reporting, and all of them have been 100% successful with the client. Keep up the amazing work.

Sedat Oguz
Software Engineer,

Telerik offers an amazing Reporting tool. I would definitely suggest anyone to try their Reporting tool before considering anything else. Thank you Telerik!

Juan Carlos Sánchez Robles
Software Developer,

Telerik Reporting is easier to use than other reporting tools. Its performance is excellent, the price is very affordable and it runs under medium trust in a shared hosting. Good Work.

Bhushan Ivatury
Srikari Impetus Solutions

We had been using Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX, Telerik Reporting and WPF controls for developing a complete document management product on Windows with .NET 4.0 and it works excellent. We are also using this to develop an ASP.NET MONO application for a leading non-profit nodal organization for climate change. It works like a charm with great speed on the Linux platform. Kudos to the development team for creating such a wonderful product. We will be mostly sticking with Telerik in our future projects. It helps to make the user experience consistent across browsers and platforms. 


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