Vorobiev Valerii
Team Lead,

Our company used Telerik UI for Silverlight last year. We were able to speed up the development of our product by 40%. Moreover, we have saved on developing the necessary components thereby reducing the cost of our product. Our developers have noted that the use of Telerik components significantly reduces the development time with about 60%. The time we saved was spent on the implementation of the ideas and the writing business logic, rather than the solution of infrastructure problems. Our company plans to continue using the Telerik UI for Silverlight.

Cristiano Riva
Software Developer,
March Networks

Telerik UI for Silverlight suite is really powerful and highly customizable. It speeds up new features development and allows me to create a "shining" rich web application. All the components are well documented, and there are a lot of examples and demos that provide a good overview of the components' capabilities. I really like them.

Chintan Jajal
Software Developer,
Brightstar Australia

Brightstar traditionally used third party controls for Rapid Application Development. When Brightstar decided to go ahead with developing Line of Business Application using Silverlight, we did a research on available third party controls, and found that Telerik UI for Silverlight was the easiest, and best suite available in the market. It is flexible, fast, offers ease of development and great support! Also, it's integration with Visual Studio 2010 is seamless.

Troy Alford
Chief Technology Officer,
Water Street Solutions

My developer team has been using the Telerik control suite for over a year now on an internal application. From day 1, we were very impressed by the incredible feature-set, the ease of use and the great online tutorials and code examples. More recently, we have started doing a lot of client-side development, and again we are truly impressed. For people who are willing to spend the time developing deep code, I would recommend Telerik hands down.


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