Bekah Rice

Kendo UI is a force multiplier for our dev process, for our design process. Kendo UI allows me to focus on the things I do best, to spend more time designing the user experience and less time fighting with the functionality.

Dané Cupp
SPH Analytics

The Kendo UI framework is an invaluable toolset for me and my team. It cuts out dev time significantly. Thank you for such an excellent product.

Niroj Kumar Sahoo
Senior Software Engineer,

Kendo UI has helped me so much is developing Web applications. Its has made UI very easy to manage.

Ricardo Pinto
Business Analysis & Software Development – Team Leader,
SoftReady, Lda.

It's been a while since our company first knew about Telerik and its amazing controls. At first with the ASP.Net Ajax products and soon after with the Kendo UI for jQuery suite, we were able to take our web applications to the next level. And along with the amazing technology, the Telerik team was always there to help us overcoming any issue that could arise, with world class customer service.

Geovanni Hudson
Sr. Web/UI Application Engineer,

After being in the industry for over 20 years I have seen a lot of frameworks come and go, but Kendo UI is by far the best for hybrid/mobile/native apps. Not only for its ease of use but it plays well with others.

Carl Gideon
Enterprise Architect,

We delivered our first version in nine months—which is unheard of in this industry—because we hired 25 of the best people in the industry and gave them really good tools. Then, we converted 1,900 screens to a new UI in just two weeks. I don’t think we could have met our deadlines if we didn’t have easy to use HTML-based UI toolsets to work with. Telerik was a key component in our success.

Ricardo Mello
Product Director,

Virtually any JS lib can be imported by Wakanda, and we've successfully imported JQWidget and Wijmo into our product previously, but none were able to provide such quality or variety of open source widgets. Kendo UI Core suite has a large number of excellent controls with a superior overall look and feel, and the coding experience is exceptional.

Erik Brown
Director of Emerging Technology Group,
Molina Healthcare

Powered by Telerik Kendo UI controls, our new app will enable us to improve processes over time, while reducing errors and freeing up in-home workers to spend more time with members and less time with paperwork.

Rabeeh Abla
Managing Director ,
CSP Solutions

Telerik Kendo UI is a great UI library that allows building solid reusable and responsive user forms - one of the key elements of a modern business software application. We at CSP Solutions recommend it and used it for most of our clients. We give it five stars.

Stacey Thornton
Software Developer
Tangent Tabletop Gaming

Never disappointing, Telerik's stellar support is what makes the license worth its price! You guys do not do enough to make the quality of your support known. I wish that I had gone with you a long time ago, instead of one of your competitors. Would have saved me so much time, money and frustration.

Cho-Lung Ling Herrera
Cho-Lung Ling Herrera

Great work Team!! Incredible product, solid foundation and very well thought and developed. Thanks to Telerik Kendo UI we have been able to build a cross-platform App (iOS/Android) and integrate it with Phonegap, giving full control from a mixed backend environment (.NET, Wordpress, JSON), controlled by our important customer (Chamber of Commerce, Valencia, Spain). I would recommend the development of Hybrid Apps with the use of Kendo UI to anyone, as I believe it gives you the power, flexibility and performance needed to develop fully professional and reliable Apps. Thanks and keep up the good work!!

Gerald Hirsch
Front End Developer
U.S. Government

As a developer working for the DOD we were able to rapidly integrate Kendo UI into a pre-existing C# application providing functionality to the client they were not even aware they wanted. This cut down majorly on cost saving roughly 1+ million. I would recommend Kendo UI to anyone who wants to impress their client with amazing UI.
Thanks Telerik Team!

Nicolas Dujardin
R&D Manager

Kendo UI allowed us to build a new product from scratch for our customers very quickly. Moreover, it saved us a lot of time, without the need to deal with cross browser compatibility. Kendo UI is efficient, powerful and gives to our customers a great User Experience.

Dan Lewis
Principal Consultant, Mobility
The Judge Group

The Telerik hybrid approach means we can pivot to other platforms without starting over. Telerik products should be an essential part of the toolkit of any team setting out to develop a hybrid app.


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