Patti Flanigan
Senior Database Analyst,
Progressive Data Services

Telerik has been an effective tool for our company in several of our web applications. One of my favorite tools was the use of the Master/Detail grid system to build a very elaborate hierarchical system tracking some complex data analysis. The ability to completely customize the grid to accommodate our clients needs was nothing short of amazing!

Eytan Gess
Senior Devloper,
howard county governemnt

great product

Praveen Philip Gladwin

We have found Telerik Ajax UI components to be very useful in our development process. The support from Telerik is Good.

Dejan Zecevic

Very good controls, completely satisfying our criteria and requirements.

Anand Kumar
Lead Engineer,
Successive Technologies

It was a nice experience working with the Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX. It has web controls with rich features. It helps to improve productivity of developers while developing a web application.

Reuben Kai Min Koay
Automation Engineer,

Web Develop became easy with the help of Telerik build in functions and features

David Young
Managing Director,
NBIZ Magazine

My subscription with you guys has always been worth every penny.

Wikus Hattingh
EMWIN Systems (Pty) Ltd

I have been using your controls now for the last 2 years. The support has been exceptional. The controls are easy to use and I highly recommend them.

Mamallan Kumar
Southnests Software Solutions

My questions were answered quickly and this has been very helpful for me implemeting the nice features in our product without issues. Keep up the great work.

Davide Giavazzoli
Arquitecto de Información

¡He descubierto la MEJOR calidad de Telerik! Siempre se puede contar con ellos. NUNCA antes he encontrado un equipo de soporte como el de ellos. ¡Ellos resuelven problemas como si fueran un colega suyo!

Mike Evstifeev
Desarrollador de Software

La interfaz de usuario para AJAX en ASP.NET de Telerik es increíble. El diseño es perfecto. Desde el primer correo electrónico, el servicio es fantástico. Una enorme variedad de plantillas y una selección creativa de características funcionales. ¡La suite es la mejor de su clase!

Ami Solomon
Arquitecto Técnico Líder
American Express

Estoy trabajando con la interfaz de usuario para AJAX en ASP.NET durante los últimos tres años. Estos controles guardan a mi equipo incontables horas, lo que nos permite centrarse más en las necesidades de negocio y mucho menos en la interfaz de usuario. AJAX permite controles rápidos y fáciles de usar.

Davide Giavazzoli
Arquiteto da Informação

Descobri a MELHOR qualidade da Telerik! Você pode contar com eles sempre. Eu NUNCA tinha encontrado uma equipe de suporte como a deles. Eles resolvem problemas como se fossem um colega nosso!

Mike Evstifeev
Desenvolvedor de Software

A UI para AJAX no ASP.NET da Telerik é inacreditável. O design é perfeito. Desde o primeiro e-mail, o serviço é fantástico. Um sortimento imenso de templates e uma seleção criativa de recursos funcionais. A suíte é a melhor do tipo!

Ami Solomon
Arquiteto Técnico Líder
American Express

Venho trabalhando com a UI para AJAX no ASP.NET nos últimos três anos. Esses controles economizam incontáveis horas da minha equipe, o que nos possibilita concentrarmo-nos mais nos requisitos do negócio e muito menos na interface do usuário. O AJAX possibilita controles rápidos e fáceis de usar.

Professor David Pike
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

In over 30 years of working with computers and software, I have never encountered a company whose technical support matched Telerik.

Pierre-Steve Girard
Software Developer
Clemex Technologies Inc

Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX makes it really easy to create grids and charts with just a few clicks. The results are quick, clean and beautiful. This is exactly what a Web Developer asks for: performance, simplicity, and clean code.

Tony Pirkle
Chief Technology Officer,
MediTract, Inc.

We moved to Telerik ASP.NET AJAX controls from another control suite, and were immediately pleased with the ease of implementation. The RadGrid control is so simple to use, requiring just a few lines of code as compared with other vendors. Support for language localization was a must for us as well, and Telerik provided that. Support has been excellent, and I love the prevalence of articles that can be found online for self-support. The Telerik Demo website makes learning advanced implementation concepts very easy. By wrapping each Telerik control with our own preferences, we were able to quickly standardize usage across the enterprise. The flexibility is great, and adaptation for new developers has been very quick. Thanks Telerik for a great product!

Matt Penman
Group Operations Manager,
Bank of America

The Telerik Ajax controls have made development easier why providing a very clean and efficient look - an important factor when creating business applications.

Vladimir Nikitovic
Ti Computers Solutions

More than 10 years ago we built an ERP for direct selling companies. The first major update of the software was when we started using Visual Studio and MS SQL, but the real breakthrough was when we started using the Telerik controls. This proved as a great move forward in terms of:  faster development, reliability, better UX with stunning UI. Our customers are really happy with the UI and the frequent enhancements in our software. Many of them are directly related with the new features introduced in the Telerik tools we use.


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