Fadhil Omer
Business Developer,
Soft Max

The implementation of .NET Blazor Web Assembly with Telerik is a fun and efficient way to quickly create user interfaces. I have been utilizing Telerik controls across various .NET products, and it has significantly reduced the time spent on UI development.

chiu man kai
project manager
Basezero Limited

acccording to my work, I has been using telerik product almost 5yrs, as that process, I got a lot of problems, however the cs and the forum is full of document, let me easy to overcome it. also the asp.net mvc is impressed me, the lambda with the grid is wonderful.


The control is very easy to use and the response from the support team is good.

Mauro Anzola
ASIC srl

Fantastic development tool that made us take an exceptional jump in quality. I have rarely found a technical support so efficient!

osama safwat
IT Director,

I am vert proud to use DevCraft on my software company "INOOTEC"

Jacqueline Rodriguez
Logica Digital

Amazing product. Make our work easier and faster.

Alexandr Chugunov
Head of IT Department
GKB Davydovskogo

Just insane. I was looking only for WPF DataGrid replacement but I found a jewel! All controls in DevCraft are awesome and have outstanding performance out of the box. Finnaly now I am able to focus on backend instead of UI.

Jaydeep Moulik
Cardinal Health Inc

Amazing product. Got the license second time to make work easier and faster.

Karl Keller
Chief Information Officer,
Quest Analytics

Quest Analytics has been using Telerik software controls for more than 8 years now. We have been extremely happy with the way the tools work, the ease of use and the support provided by Telerik. On the reporting side, we love the ability to create drill down reports. If you are looking for a great set of tools for .Net programming, we certainly recommend Telerik.

Tamara Holden-Gurin
Manager, Enterprise Property, Tax and Billing Systems
County of Alameda

Developers at the County of Alameda use Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX controls extensively to develop enterprise applications for real estate and business property valuations, financial analysis and billing. Telerik controls enable us to develop much faster and with excellent quality. Our users benefit greatly from the web applications, which feature rich Excel-like grids, multiple document interface simulated in a browser window, and many other features. The County of Alameda interactive budget website is also powered by Telerik controls. We are very happy with the level of customer service and responsiveness from the Telerik team. DevCraft suite is worth every penny we spend on it!

Ben Hayat
Architect and Senior Software Developer
Micro Intelligence Corp.

Telerik DevCraft has taken our developer experience to the next level, helping us to reduce development time significantly. The solution enables us to adopt agile development practices that accelerate mission-critical projects and enable our team to create innovative new applications for desktop, mobile and web.

Tom Cimino
KanGuru Koding

I have been using Telerik Controls for many years now and I've found that my development time and time to market have improved greatly. Telerik helps me create, design and post faster, enabling me to take on more customers. Telerik is a business partner for life.

Martin Milliard

We have been using Telerik components in our software for over 3 years now, and we're always impressed by their products in terms of stability, usability, price and customer support. We'll certainly continue to use their products in future and are happy to recommend Telerik DevCraft to other software developers.

Kaz Fernandes
Managing Director,
Japha Enterprises Pty Ltd

We have been using Telerik components in our software for over 4 years now, and we're always impressed by their products - in terms of stability, usability, price and customer support. We'll certainly continue to use their products in future, and are happy to recommend Telerik DevCraft to other software developers.

Vladimir Nikitovic
Ti Computers Solutions

More than 10 years ago we built an ERP for direct selling companies. The first major update of the software was when we started using Visual Studio and MS SQL, but the real breakthrough was when we started using the Telerik controls. This proved as a great move forward in terms of:  faster development, reliability, better UX with stunning UI. Our customers are really happy with the UI and the frequent enhancements in our software. Many of them are directly related with the new features introduced in the Telerik tools we use.

Anton Swanevelder
Managing Director

It is a pleasure to work with ASP.NET MVC controls where we receive excellent support and get that sense of an extra member in our team that are able to resolve our most complex issues and questions. I would definitely continue to recommend Telerik to all my colleagues and customers.

Roberto Saavedra
Information Architect,
DIESVI Desarrollo Informático S.C.

One of the best products we ever used!! Our development time reduces to the 50%!!

Shimmy George
Operations Manager,

We could reduce our development time to 60% by using Telerik and it is very easy to use. Multiple browser support is also very interesting feature.

Jerry Sevier
Enterprise Architect,
Chaparral Energy

Using Telerik UI, we were able to boost our speed to production by over 50%. The ability to create rich, interactive UI's without the hassle of rolling our own controls has been incredibly valuable. It should also be noted that Telerik's online documentation is rich with examples, tutorials, and real-working demos. When using competing products, I found their example's to be demo-ware, and not as easily converted to actual production-ready solutions.

Aaron Jessen
Web Application Developer,
PermaGreen Supreme, Inc.

I'm a web developer creating LOB applications using ASP.NET, Silverlight and HTML5/JS. I have been working with Telerik for over 4 years, and I kid you not when I say that I absolutely wouldn't want to be a programmer any more if I didn't have Telerik controls! This is coming from someone who eats, sleeps and dreams code; it's really an obsession. My apps are comprised of approx. 99% Telerik components, with only a few standard web controls (e.g. labels, hyperlinks, etc.) to glue them together. I primarily use their AJAX control set, which provides practically every feature one could ever desire for enterprise applications, from charts, graphs and gauges, to slick, industry-standard navigation and appearances for a UX that is sure to please. And, products like DataAccess have saved me nearly 80% in development time for connecting my apps to my SQL back end. It's literally a drag and drop interface that replaces classes, usually containing thousands of lines of code, with a few simple methods for querying. Add a little LINQ and you've got lazily-executed, screaming fast and unbelievably simple connectivity. I was a bit late to the game with this technology, because I didn't understand how useful it could be. But, take my word for it: no matter what back end you're using, you simply MUST use Data Access to communicate with it! Also, Telerik's support is first rate; always prompt; always thorough; always willing to go the extra mile. Their responses typically contain code and even project files that will immediately get you back on track. I have run across very few incidents (probably 2 out of 100) where the problem could not be immediately resolved, and even then they do their best to offer a hack to get the job done. Thanks to Telerik's extremely extensive online demos and documentation, I've saved weeks of time in learning, not to mention that nothing sparks creativity like the inspiration of seeing literally every feature possible with every single control. On the contrary, look around at other control manufacturers (I've purchased controls from a few in the past); while they do their best to create similar controls, they are generally lacking in functionality, speed and support. Practically speaking, if you even consider taking on more than one technology, it only makes sense to save a TON of money by going with the DevCraft Complete or Ultimate suites. Plus, unlimited technical support issues with a 24-hour guaranteed response time means you're never alone with a problem. And, with DevCraft Ultimate, you receive phone support and ticket pre-screening, to ensure that they have enough to handle the ticket the first time for faster resolution. Thanks a million to Telerik's development and support teams. I love programming because they exist, and life wouldn't be the same without them!


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