Jurgen Mangé
SGS Belgium NV

Very happy with the current control set, the progress to release new controls and the extending of current functionality. The controls are fast and easy to implement. Support is one of the best I've had to deal with. Friendly response and they always try to help you with examples, custom made for you examples and if what you want/need is not yet possible they try to find a workaround for you.

Reuben Kai Min Koay
Automation Engineer,

Web Develop became easy with the help of Telerik build in functions and features

Gary Tuttle
Full Stack Web Developer,
SK Global Software

I don't know what I would do without you. You are more than Telerik support. Your value is far reaching.

David Young
Managing Director,
NBIZ Magazine

My subscription with you guys has always been worth every penny.

M Imamul Hassan Khan
Xenon Solutions Ltd.

I saw Telerik UI components in YouTube videos and then I loved it. It is going to be a blast using them!

Zoran Markovic
Project Leader,

For many years I have used Telerik ASP.NET with top satisfaction. Now I am using Kendo UI for Vue. I am planning to use Telerik Blazor in the future. In my view Telerik/Progress has consistently had the best package of controls for Microsoft related technologies.

Leroy Graham
Senior Developer

Very good product for modern UI rapid development.

Karl Keller
Chief Information Officer,
Quest Analytics

Quest Analytics has been using Telerik software controls for more than 8 years now. We have been extremely happy with the way the tools work, the ease of use and the support provided by Telerik. On the reporting side, we love the ability to create drill down reports. If you are looking for a great set of tools for .Net programming, we certainly recommend Telerik.

Zaven Alexander Boyrazian
Full Stack Engineer,
Gajatix Studios

Telerik's direct integration with Visual Studio has allowed for rapid UI development whose quality far exceeds the default WinForms. The flexibility of the components provide greater in-depth control over software behavior, while still remaining simple and more importantly quick to use!

Steven Chorkawy
Solution Analyst,
Corporation of The Municipality of Clarington

KendoReact was quick and easy to setup! No tinkering required. I imported my packages and BOOM! It works!

Luis Mario Diaz Arenas

All Telerik controls are the best tools to developers

Wikus Hattingh
EMWIN Systems (Pty) Ltd

I have been using your controls now for the last 2 years. The support has been exceptional. The controls are easy to use and I highly recommend them.

Puey Guan Teoh
Solutions Architect/Consultant
Codi Solutions

Love Kendo UI! Speeds up development by 10x.

Shameer Ummer

I was having many difficulties using normal grids and other components in web page. Then my friend suggested to use Telerik. Now the development is very fast and I am very impressed with the features in the Asp.net components.

Mamallan Kumar
Southnests Software Solutions

My questions were answered quickly and this has been very helpful for me implemeting the nice features in our product without issues. Keep up the great work.

Ricardo Pinto
Business Analysis & Software Development – Team Leader,
SoftReady, Lda.

It's been a while since our company first knew about Telerik and its amazing controls. At first with the ASP.Net Ajax products and soon after with the Kendo UI for jQuery suite, we were able to take our web applications to the next level. And along with the amazing technology, the Telerik team was always there to help us overcoming any issue that could arise, with world class customer service.

Marianne Seggerman

10 years ago a Microsoft evangelist I met at the New York .NET Users Group meeting suggested I recommend Telerik controls for my client at the contract I was working for. I did and what a difference it made. Unfortunately, my next client had built their web applications with the default controls - and I had the experience just like trying to cook with dull knives when I was previously used to a razor sharp set.

Neil Sowers
Progresive Intellegence Technologies

I very much enjoy using Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC. It is a huge time saver to not have to code commonly used widgets and write code to support various browsers/devices. Kendo support, documentation and demos have improved greatly over the years.

Matt Heller
Founder and Chairman

Browsium embraced FiddlerCore to build powerful browser management solutions. With hundreds of thousands of Browsium client installations worldwide, it has proven to be stable, reliable and efficient under a broad range of use and load scenarios. The Fiddler team is incredibly responsive, addressing issues and incorporating a solution that becomes a mainstream supported feature. Our teams also use Fiddler in customer application troubleshooting and creating customer configurations for their Browsium products.

Shannon Slaton
Slaton, Inc.

Telerik has the best support. Absolutely the best.


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