Ricardo Mello
Product Director,

Virtually any JS lib can be imported by Wakanda, and we've successfully imported JQWidget and Wijmo into our product previously, but none were able to provide such quality or variety of open source widgets. Kendo UI Core suite has a large number of excellent controls with a superior overall look and feel, and the coding experience is exceptional.

Pawel Korczak
Vice President
INFO-KOR Sp. z o.o

We have used Telerik UI for WinForms desktop interface components for almost three years, The UI design flexibility with Telerik controls is great. Managing and adaptation for developers has been very quick and easy. Our clients enjoy the functionality of this product and we can develop our applications faster than ever. Thanks to Telerik for a great product!

Larry Lindain
Enterprise Architect
Harris School Solutions

We standardized our development tools using Telerik ASP.NET MVC. The Telerik controls are lightweight and have responsive capabilities, enabling us to easily build apps across multiple devices. They also look awesome across different browsers and the built-in customizable theme feature is the icing on the cake!

Erik Brown
Director of Emerging Technology Group,
Molina Healthcare

Powered by Telerik Kendo UI controls, our new app will enable us to improve processes over time, while reducing errors and freeing up in-home workers to spend more time with members and less time with paperwork.

Ben Hayat
Architect and Senior Software Developer
Micro Intelligence Corp.

Telerik DevCraft has taken our developer experience to the next level, helping us to reduce development time significantly. The solution enables us to adopt agile development practices that accelerate mission-critical projects and enable our team to create innovative new applications for desktop, mobile and web.

Tom Cimino
KanGuru Koding

I have been using Telerik Controls for many years now and I've found that my development time and time to market have improved greatly. Telerik helps me create, design and post faster, enabling me to take on more customers. Telerik is a business partner for life.

Rabeeh Abla
Managing Director ,
CSP Solutions

Telerik Kendo UI is a great UI library that allows building solid reusable and responsive user forms - one of the key elements of a modern business software application. We at CSP Solutions recommend it and used it for most of our clients. We give it five stars.

Pierre-Steve Girard
Software Developer
Clemex Technologies Inc

Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX makes it really easy to create grids and charts with just a few clicks. The results are quick, clean and beautiful. This is exactly what a Web Developer asks for: performance, simplicity, and clean code.

Martin Milliard

We have been using Telerik components in our software for over 3 years now, and we're always impressed by their products in terms of stability, usability, price and customer support. We'll certainly continue to use their products in future and are happy to recommend Telerik DevCraft to other software developers.

Tony Pirkle
Chief Technology Officer,
MediTract, Inc.

We moved to Telerik ASP.NET AJAX controls from another control suite, and were immediately pleased with the ease of implementation. The RadGrid control is so simple to use, requiring just a few lines of code as compared with other vendors. Support for language localization was a must for us as well, and Telerik provided that. Support has been excellent, and I love the prevalence of articles that can be found online for self-support. The Telerik Demo website makes learning advanced implementation concepts very easy. By wrapping each Telerik control with our own preferences, we were able to quickly standardize usage across the enterprise. The flexibility is great, and adaptation for new developers has been very quick. Thanks Telerik for a great product!

Leon Esses
Quality Assurance Analyst,
Patient Matters

We at PatientMatters have recently purchased Telerik Test Studio and if it were not for the fine communication from your support staff, I would not have been able to convince my management to do so. They were always available to answer the tough questions and were extremely interested in the success of our usage of this product. Please accept our sincere appreciation for the excellent technical support as well as the gentlemen they are. Both myself and my Chief Technical Officer can see that they are a great asset to your organization.

Matt Penman
Group Operations Manager,
Bank of America

The Telerik Ajax controls have made development easier why providing a very clean and efficient look - an important factor when creating business applications.

Kaz Fernandes
Managing Director,
Japha Enterprises Pty Ltd

We have been using Telerik components in our software for over 4 years now, and we're always impressed by their products - in terms of stability, usability, price and customer support. We'll certainly continue to use their products in future, and are happy to recommend Telerik DevCraft to other software developers.

Stacey Thornton
Software Developer
Tangent Tabletop Gaming

Never disappointing, Telerik's stellar support is what makes the license worth its price! You guys do not do enough to make the quality of your support known. I wish that I had gone with you a long time ago, instead of one of your competitors. Would have saved me so much time, money and frustration.

Cho-Lung Ling Herrera
Cho-Lung Ling Herrera

Great work Team!! Incredible product, solid foundation and very well thought and developed. Thanks to Telerik Kendo UI we have been able to build a cross-platform App (iOS/Android) and integrate it with Phonegap, giving full control from a mixed backend environment (.NET, Wordpress, JSON), controlled by our important customer (Chamber of Commerce, Valencia, Spain). I would recommend the development of Hybrid Apps with the use of Kendo UI to anyone, as I believe it gives you the power, flexibility and performance needed to develop fully professional and reliable Apps. Thanks and keep up the good work!!

Blair Wilkinson
Development Project Lead,
CVT (Global) Pty Ltd

For our recent release of software we implemented Telerik reporting and it has met and exceeded expectations. We started using Telerik because of the reporting but have found an additional major benefit to be the other Telerik tools available.

kamal rathore
RBC Jone


Vladimir Nikitovic
Ti Computers Solutions

More than 10 years ago we built an ERP for direct selling companies. The first major update of the software was when we started using Visual Studio and MS SQL, but the real breakthrough was when we started using the Telerik controls. This proved as a great move forward in terms of:  faster development, reliability, better UX with stunning UI. Our customers are really happy with the UI and the frequent enhancements in our software. Many of them are directly related with the new features introduced in the Telerik tools we use.

Gerald Hirsch
Front End Developer
U.S. Government

As a developer working for the DOD we were able to rapidly integrate Kendo UI into a pre-existing C# application providing functionality to the client they were not even aware they wanted. This cut down majorly on cost saving roughly 1+ million. I would recommend Kendo UI to anyone who wants to impress their client with amazing UI.
Thanks Telerik Team!

Anton Swanevelder
Managing Director

It is a pleasure to work with ASP.NET MVC controls where we receive excellent support and get that sense of an extra member in our team that are able to resolve our most complex issues and questions. I would definitely continue to recommend Telerik to all my colleagues and customers.


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