Thomas Hagström
Software Developer
HL Interactive

You can reinvent the wheel, worry about why there's so much missing in basic controls or use Telerik DevCraft suite. All truly innovative and successful companies I've been at use Telerik, and for the price you pay it's even affordable for my small home business. Not to mention awesome support who really help you and are open to ideas. Telerik should simply put be the first step in any serious application development!

Luis Madaleno
Chief Technology Officer,

Telerik DevCraft has the best value for the money that we can find. That's why we are moving from a competitive vendor to Telerik. 

Daniel Bryk
Senior Developer,

Why waste hours rewriting controls when you can spend a small sum on a set of tools and components that double if not triple your efficiency. One of the hidden features of purchasing the product is the amount of support you get. The support is second to none, not just the official support lines but also the community support that is out there. In my last three roles I have always been able to justify the expense for the company to purchase a Telerik subscription and never had any comebacks except possible praise from other developers on the range of tools and controls available.

Loren Dorez
IT Director,
Traffic School Management Services, LLC

I have tried other vendor controls and I have to say some have similar controls to Telerik but none of them have the full suite of controls and different platform products that Telerik offers. Telerik's support and documentation is what other companies strive for but can never achieve. Please don't waste your time with other control suites just get Telerik and I promise you won't regret it. Simply Put The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be.

Jean Quiero
IT Manager

We already save up to 60% in code time, great & excellent tools!

Matthias Bärtschi
Dipl. Ing.

With DevCraft you get all you need for almost all application types! And you will find all you need! Extremely great support from Telerik which works excellent!

Bhushan Ivatury
Srikari Impetus Solutions

We had been using Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX, Telerik Reporting and WPF controls for developing a complete document management product on Windows with .NET 4.0 and it works excellent. We are also using this to develop an ASP.NET MONO application for a leading non-profit nodal organization for climate change. It works like a charm with great speed on the Linux platform. Kudos to the development team for creating such a wonderful product. We will be mostly sticking with Telerik in our future projects. It helps to make the user experience consistent across browsers and platforms. 

Neil Gorin
Software Developer,

I have been using Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX for several years. It is my "go-to" set of controls in my user interface toolbox. Some of my data sources are more than 20 years old - spanning several technologies. UI for ASP.NET AJAX brings new life to our data layer with every new page created. Support is individualized and turn-around is promised to be within 1 business day. I have found it to be sooner. I know that I will always be current with my programming platform as long as I follow the Telerik path. I am happy to write the check to Telerik each time my subscription comes up for renewal. This year - Telerik is going to make mobile interfacing to my data a dream.

Gareth Hopkins
Smart Computing Ltd

DevCraft Ultimate provides such a wide range of development tools that we've used throughout our recent projects from Desktop applications to Web and Mobile applications. Excellent!

Jean-Claude Bertrand
JCB Solutions inc.

Telerik DevCraft Complete helps us to develop many great functionalities in our applications. Our projects from Desktop applications to Web and Mobile applications were easily built and the support was also very exceptional.

Jerome Atchison

I have been using Telerik for many years (2007), and as a consultant, I find it a no brainer to recommend this to my customer's development teams. Once they see the value, especially with the ASP.Net MVC and now the Kendo UI add-ons, they don't hesitate to purchase their own licenses. Another source of great value is the multitude and quality of support options. I have yet to have anything but great experiences with support, from both the community forums as well as directly from the awesome Telerik Team! I can't tell you how excited I am to be creating a multi-platform mobile app with Telerik AppBuilder using the development tools that I am already familiar with!!!

Cristiano Riva
Software Developer,
March Networks

Telerik UI for Silverlight suite is really powerful and highly customizable. It speeds up new features development and allows me to create a "shining" rich web application. All the components are well documented, and there are a lot of examples and demos that provide a good overview of the components' capabilities. I really like them.

Chintan Jajal
Software Developer,
Brightstar Australia

Brightstar traditionally used third party controls for Rapid Application Development. When Brightstar decided to go ahead with developing Line of Business Application using Silverlight, we did a research on available third party controls, and found that Telerik UI for Silverlight was the easiest, and best suite available in the market. It is flexible, fast, offers ease of development and great support! Also, it's integration with Visual Studio 2010 is seamless.

Ignacio Ibañez
Software Developer,

I have found the Telerik Decompiler tool--JustDecompile--and I like its interface and speed of processing in the assemblies. I have used it many times with nice results. Thank you Telerik for providing such a great tool for free!

Greg Partin
Trishore Software

I've used the Telerik JustDecompile tool and it is fantastic. I was able to retrieve all the source code from a website my client no longer had access to. I recommend this product to any developer that needs to decompile and retrieve source code.

Miles Carpenter

Telerik JustDecompile is a fantastic tool. It is one of my go-to tools that I use as a software and build release engineer. I love that it will create the source and even generate project code if you want. Thanks for making this awesome tool and keeping it free.

Cory Fowler
Software Developer,

JustCode is a very clean code refactoring tool. It helps you get your job done without getting in the way of doing your work. I'm looking forward to future releases.

Brad Irby
.NET Architect and author of Reengineering .NET
Reengineering .NET

I recently dropped another leading mocking tool in favor of JustMock. I was never happy with the other tool’s syntax but I couldn’t find anything else on the market. I’ve found JustMock is a much more pleasant experience.

Bradley Braithwaite
Software Developer,
Contented Coder

When isolating methods for testing gets difficult when trying to test against legacy code or databases, JustMock really starts to set itself apart. Its features such as MsCorlib, Sealed, Static, Private method and Entity Framework mocking make the seemingly untestable, testable.

Erik Dietrich
Software Developer,

I've used a series of mocking tools and I believe that the API for JustMock is the most mature that I've encountered so far. The highest praise that I can give a framework tool is to say that its semantics are readable enough that you don't think about them at all as you're reading the code, and this is true with JustMock.


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