osama safwat
IT Director,

I am vert proud to use DevCraft on my software company "INOOTEC"

Ben Berriz
Systems Architect,
Life Extension

The Kendo UI component set for Angular has been a game changer in our dev lifecycle. We no longer have to spend time implementing our or components, or struggling with open source support. With the time and money saved by using this toolset, I wish we would have switched over to it sooner.

Jim Robinson
Lone Star Aerospace, Inc

The ability to demo out potential solutions using your products during the trial period allowed us to quickly establish a proof of concept that allowed us to get buy in for stakeholders on using your libraries.

Michael Enos
Senior Software Engineer,
Curtiss-Wright Corporation

I needed controls to create complex grids, file uploads, menus, breadcrumbs, pie charts and tab strips in a question/answer application. The application was time sensitive since I had to present it to the client within 30 days. I was able to use Kendo UI for jQuery to implement the solution. It was easy to implement and saved me a lot of time developing custom controls. I was able to deliver the solution to the client within 30 days which made the client extremely happy.

Jacqueline Rodriguez
Logica Digital

Amazing product. Make our work easier and faster.

With the "Reporting" libraries we have saved a lot of time in creating the printouts from our management system. Now we can focus on the software features and leave the print management to Telerik Reporting.

Abolfazl Shams
Software Engineer,

Very powerful App.

Praveen Philip Gladwin

We have found Telerik Ajax UI components to be very useful in our development process. The support from Telerik is Good.

Cesar Marquez

Great Tool

Gerardo Alexander


Michael Clark
Senior Software Developer,

Although I am currently using Telerik Controls for ASP.NET I am anxious to move towards Kendo UI for parts of our projects. I have worked previously with Kendo UI and really love the MVVM implementation. It gives so much control and makes it easy to write reusable modules to plug into our pages and dashboards. One thing I like most about Telerik is the responsiveness to issues when they arise and how quickly they are resolved. Truly top notch support.

Rajesh Kumar Sivadasan Pillai
Director - Business Development,
AFI infotech

Telerik UI has helped us to reduce the coding time and thus speed up the project delivery. Also admirable support from Telerik team.

jake barshick
Custom Applications Lead

This library has helped jumpstart our development so we can focus more on the features and functionality vs having to build out or mash together other components.

Alexandr Chugunov
Head of IT Department
GKB Davydovskogo

Just insane. I was looking only for WPF DataGrid replacement but I found a jewel! All controls in DevCraft are awesome and have outstanding performance out of the box. Finnaly now I am able to focus on backend instead of UI.

Rex Tseng

ASP.NET Core UI 能有效降低專案的開發時間, 非常實用 (translation: Can effectively reduce the development time of the project, very practical)

Chun Loke
Rumewa Technologies

Telerik Team does an awesome job constantly improving their products. The team actively engages with end-users via community forums for bug fixes, product enquiries, supports and releases. Well done! Telerik

Chirag D
Engineer II,

With Kendo UI you can always focus on your business/functional requirements and concentrate lesser on the the UI Components. It's all in the Code..! A great tool..!

Deepika Bhadauria
Software Engineer,
ThermoFisher Scientific

Kendo UI is very useful set of controls which can help in making an attractive front end design . Be it in any language Angular, .Net CORE , MVC Kendo supports and provides seamless design for all. I have been using Kendo UI from past 6 years and more to go. Big thanks for Telerik support team to help me in customizing some controls whenever I needed.

Archana Handral
Senior Software Developer

Kendo UI is a very powerful toolset. It is always a time saver for us. With Kendo UI we only need to focus on business functionality without worrying about UI. UI is always taken care of by the team. The Kendo Toolset is regularly upgraded with the latest UI trends. Even the support team is very quick in responding to our queries.

Oleksandr Viktor
Senior ASP.NET Core / C# / SQL Server / Telerik Blazor UI Developer,
Business Net Solutions Ltd

This is a very useful product. I use it for my front end websites. Easy to use. Lots of examples on the site and repo. Great product support also.


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