Matt Heller
Founder and Chairman

Browsium embraced FiddlerCore to build powerful browser management solutions. With hundreds of thousands of Browsium client installations worldwide, it has proven to be stable, reliable and efficient under a broad range of use and load scenarios. The Fiddler team is incredibly responsive, addressing issues and incorporating a solution that becomes a mainstream supported feature. Our teams also use Fiddler in customer application troubleshooting and creating customer configurations for their Browsium products.

Shannon Slaton
Slaton, Inc.

Telerik has the best support. Absolutely the best.

Daniel Roth
Program Manager

I'm excited to see partners like Telerik creating custom UI controls for Blazor. The Telerik UI controls make building beautiful web apps with lots of rich functionality sooooo easy!

Rory Haynie
Chief Architect
LegalNet Inc

You guys have such awesome support, that's why I love Telerik.

Gerry Connolly
Director of IT

Digital transformation is not something we’re frightened of, we actually embrace it. We are a smaller company, so I put a lot of faith in Progress to identify the best trends and then I just follow Progress. That’s why we have three applications that are completely built using Progress tools.

Tom Stein
Computer Systems Manager
NASA’s Planetary Data System Geosciences Node

We selected Telerik because it seemed more robust than other offerings—it looked like an interface on steroids

Krzysztof Zimny

Thank you for the legendary best support!

Robert Gray
Matters in Motion, Inc.

My years of experience with the Telerik tech support team has been consistently excellent. Given a solid explanation, they always come back with a useful answer.

b-Sharpe SA (b-sharpe.com)

Each time I need your support, you really rock

Leonard Peoples
Kern Country

I just completed the (4) videos on Telerik Reporting in Progress Virtual Classroom.  Just wanted to say thank you! The training was very helpful, and I look forward to more videos in the future.

Alan Hurt

One of the real strengths of Kendo UI is the grid component. It provides immense flexibility and allows us to quickly and easily provide almost any kind of requested data view. 

Bhaskar Bharath

We wanted to build a user generated table which had custom widgets. Normally this would have taken us a lot of time to build from scratch, but we were able to leverage the Kendo UI grid for the same

Joshua Weaver

When I was tasked with building a custom CRM solution for our company, some elements were no brainers. The Kendo UI Grid, for example, is a solid piece of JavaScript. It binds to the Kendo UI DataSource effortlessly and allows filtering and sorting functionality out of the box that worked great for a way to display returned query data and other list data. 

Jim Ingwersen

Any web developer that needs to quickly and easily expose dynamic data grids should consider this tool

Thomas Cinatl
Anariz Gmbh

Without your help and others in your team I am lost sometimes. And I am happy to see that I chose the best product vendor with really the best customer support.

Mark Sandford
CEO and Founder
Click Studios (SA) Pty Ltd

You guys are always so knowledgeable and helpful.

Murugesh Perumal
Sr. System Engineer,
XSYSYS Technologies

Our XSYSYS development team had a great experience with the Telerik support team. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Gerard Gomez
Manager of Business Systems and Development
Santa Monica Seafood

I was able to refactor a complex homegrown solution that contained thousands of jQuery lines of code and very complex html/razor logic into a super simple html skeleton. doc, much more concise jQuery logic. And was still able to deliver all the original advanced/dynamic html logic but with greater client facing efficiency and consistency. I also no longer have to worry about browser compatibility, it just works on all browsers.

This is now our primary library for components, and I am finding it very easy to transform older asp.net/mvc solutions, as well as creating new user forms and workflows.

Foster Naines
TriCore Reference Laboratories

The built-in features of the Kendo UI Grid are incredible, and we did not have to seek to extend the default behavior (just update the appropriate settings).

Jim Ingwersen
Wilderness Medical Society

Any web developer that needs to quickly and easily expose dynamic data grids should consider this tool.

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