Using the Recorder to perform a Verification Loop operaiton

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    Hi all,


    I was wondering if the following action could be done without the need for a coded step :

    Scenario:  an HTML page shows a search results in a Dynamic Table with 4 fixed columns.

    1. Verify that the first column of each row contains the word: "blue" 


    I am new to Test Studio, I believe in Test Studio a "Conditions" step can be created using IF, ELSE  as well as LOOP.


    I thought of getting the row count of the Table and use that value to perform my loop operation, but I am not sure how to increment or decrement a databindvalue using the LOOP construst.






  2. Daniel Djambov
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    Posted 30 Aug 2016 Link to this post

    Hello Fabrice,

    Regarding your question, I'm not sure why you want to use a loop for the verification, but if this is the case, then it will be best to use code for that. Existing logical operations are limited to be used for available UI verifications like Exists, Visible, Content, etc. so LOOP method will repeat same steps several times, If..Else can be used, but no point to have 4 nested If..Else steps for such verification. (

    This verification can be achieved easily without code, without a loop step, by simply recording Text Content verification for the 4 different rows in the table to check if text contains "Blue" as is your case. This will result in 4 steps that are executed against 4 different elements (first column cells of each row) and that is it - you have your verification recorded without code needed.

    Please tell me if this was helpful for you,

    Best Regards,
    Daniel Djambov
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