Unable to Record actions in a modal popup

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  1. Akhil
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    Jun 2013

    Posted 17 Jun 2013 Link to this post

               I am testing a web application and there comes a point, where i have to click a icon, which navigates me to a popup, at this point, i have 2 popups open, 1 which is a regular HTML popup with blank content (plain white screen is displayed), and another popup which is a modal popup.

    Telerik connects itself with the initial home browser and records all actions on it, upon navigation it also connects to the new HTML popup (the teleric toolbar is displayed on top) , but with regards to the modal popup, Telerik is unable to connect to and no action on this modal popup is recorded.

    Any advice on this would be much appreciated.


    I am attaching screen shots of the screens with brief descriptions mentioned below

    Screen Shot 1:

    User Credentials are input here and navigates to the home screen. This screen is recognized by Telerik

    Screen Shot 2:
    This screen is recognized by Telerik as well. Once in this home screen, I click the “Central HR”  button (bordered in green below)  and this navigates me to a new window

    Screen Shot 3:
    The click on the previous screen opens 2 popups (new windows), one is a basic HTML new window (blank with no data) shown below on the left and a Modal popup (with all further functionalities) shown  below on the right. This modal popup is not recognized by telerik and  does not record any action on this modal popup. A majority of our testing has to be performed on this modal popup

  2. Boyan Boev
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    Posted 17 Jun 2013 Link to this post

    Hi Akhil,

    Since this is a duplicate of this forum post, let's continue the discussion there. 

    Boyan Boev
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  3. Noorain
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    Feb 2018

    Posted 21 Mar Link to this post

    Hi , 

    Even I am facing the same problem. I have a link which opens a modal popup and no actions are being recorded for modal pop up . Please if you can suggest me asap. 

    Much Appreciated.



    Noorain Adeeb

  4. Noorain
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    Feb 2018

    Posted 21 Mar Link to this post

  5. Nikolay Petrov
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    Posted 26 Mar Link to this post

    Hello Noorain,

    Would you share a bit more details on this case to be able to help you best here:

     - What is the product version you are using?
     - What is the nature of the application under automation - HTML, Silverlight, Angular etc? 
     - Which browser/version do you use for recording?
     - If using another browser - do you get the same problem?
     - Is the application a public facing one - can we reproduce the observed behavior on our end to investigate further the problem? If so, please provide a sample test script.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,
    Nikolay Petrov
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