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  1. Nigel
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    Is it possible to capture the value returned from executing a SQL statement executed through the Code Behind window?
    I have a script that works fine, and the VB in the code behind window also works fine.  However, I want to expand the VB script if possible, so that I can execute the following algorithm:

    Open connection to database
    Execute SQL statement to check if value exists in a database table
    If the value exists then
        Do this
        Do this
    End If
    Close connection to database

    What I need to understand is how to get a result back from an execution statement such as:
         thisCommand.CommandText = "SELECT myValue FROM DatabaseTable"

    Is this possible?  Is there a better way?  If so, what do I need to do to make it happen?

    When I run the following code, the value returned to my variable aResult is always -1, regardless of whether the search succeeds or not:

    SQL_Command = "SELECT * FROM LookupItemsTexts WHERE [Text] = 'fred'"
    Log.WriteLine(SQL_Command)  'debug line
    'Now execute the command
    thisCommand.CommandText = SQL_Command
    aResult = thisCommand.ExecuteNonQuery()
    Log.WriteLine(aResult.ToString())  'debug line

    Nigel Edwards.

  2. Answer
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    Hello Nigel,

    Unfortunately we won't be able to troubleshoot this for you, as this code is not specific to Test Studio. The best we can provide is this basic article to get you started, which you may have already seen.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team
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  3. Nigel
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    Posted 19 Jun 2012 Link to this post

    Okay, thanks Anthony.

    Has ANYONE in the community any experience of running SQL from the code behind window (VB or C)?  I must assume that the Telerik libraries don't have any function that picks up and returns a value from SQL for an executed query.

    If not then this might be something that the Telerik team should consider implementing in a future Test Studio release.  After all, SQL is (I think) the most widely used DB language in use today.
  4. Nigel
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    Posted 21 Jun 2012 Link to this post

    I believe I have found the answer i wanted in a Telerik on-line documentation page:

    The code on that page shows me how to check for the existence of a data item in the database:
    Log.WriteLine("Value of City column: " + DirectCast(thisReader("City"), [String]))
    Although I can't explicitely use code such as 
        aResult = thisCommand.ExecuteNonQuery()
    to verify that a command has executed correctly, I can use a form of the first snippet to capture a value and prove that the command has executed by checking the database to see if a value still exists (or doesn't) after the command has been executed.

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