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SourceControlNotReachableException when run test with Telerik.TestStudio.CommandLineClient.exe on TS RunTime edition

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Leo asked on 17 Dec 2018, 10:53 AM

Hi, I am trying to run test lists om remote machine with Test Studio RunTime edition. 
On the same machine, i have scheduling server, storage server, execution machine, project, connected to git. 

in order to start my tests. I have a .bat file, that runs Telerik.TestStudio.CommandLineClient.exe -l <path to test list> -u<scheduled server name>
But when I start running test list, I got this messages:
Check whether to compile project
Starting to build job
Job built, Starting Upload to storage
Upload Complete- Queueing job on scheduler
: Unable to reach source control server at:<path to git>

Can I turn off this attempt to get latest file version from git? 

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Telerik team
answered on 19 Dec 2018, 04:36 PM
Hello Leo,

Thank you for the detailed description of the setup you have established so far. 

As far as I understood, you have an execution machine with the Run-time edition of Test Studio installed on it. This will be probably used as part of a CI environment. 

If my above assumption is correct, you need to build the bat file to trigger command line execution using the ArtOfTest.Runner.exe. This is the command line runner of Test Studio which allows you to execute test lists and as well as single tests - all available options are listed in the shared article. 

The runner, which you have implemented, can be used in a Test Studio scheduling environment to run tests on any remote machines connected to the scheduler in the configuration. 

As the above statements may sound a bit confusing, I will try to provide some insights to better describe the possible options how to use a machine with a Run-time edition only installed on it. 

Use the Run-time on a separate machine (possibly included in a CI solution)
- Such a setup can be used if the machine is configured as a build agent as part of the continuous integration or simply you need to run the tests on that machine separately.
- for this case you can uncheck the Scheduling and Storage service in the installation wizard as these are not required
- the tests can be executed using the Test Studio command line runner called ArtOfTest.Runner.exe
- the ArtOfTest.Runner can be plugged in the CI using the respective task depending on the Build solution - for example command line utility in TFS
- if no CI solution is required, the ArtOfTest.Runner test execution can be automated with the Windows Task Scheduler

Use the Run-time on a remote machine in a Scheduling setup
- Such a setup can be used if you have a machine where you maintain the project and use another (or multiple other) to run the tests on.
- Such a setup requires installation of the Scheduling and Storage services on a single machine. It is up to you which machine to host the services.
- The possible alternatives, which can help you decide are:
1. You are the only person to use the Scheduler. In such case there is no difference which machine will be running the Scheduling service. If you decided to use the local machine as a scheduler for this scenario, here is how you can add the services in the standalone Test Studio installation.
2. You have a single execution machine and multiple colleagues, who are supposed to run tests on it. In this case the remote machine should host the services along with the execution client. For this scenario, you can follow the default installation of the Run-time edition.
- Once you have the Scheduler installed (on any of the machines), you need to configure these.
- Next is to configure the Execution client on the machines in the setup to point to the Scheduler.
- Once this is done correctly, all machines should be listed in the View Execution Status
- Then, on the machine where the standalone Test Studio is hosted, connect the project to the Scheduler as well.
- The test lists can be now either instantly Run remotely, or scheduled

As of my perspective, you have performed the actions necessary for the second described use case, but having the intention for the first one. Please, if I have misread anything, or the information shared is unclear, please get back to me with any questions you may have. 

Thanks in advance for your understanding. 

Elena Tsvetkova
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