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Setup Problems on DOD NMCI Computers

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Carl asked on 09 Aug 2019, 03:07 PM

Good Morning,

I'm helping a coworker with setting up Test Studio Ultimate Perpetual in an run-time environment that is VERY constrained.  Even as local administrator on his laptop we have limited-to-no authority to change some of the settings listed as mandatory (  Are there workaround(s) per-setting that might get around the following issues?

The behavior we see is that after a) installing the application as admin, b) starting the application as admin and loading the project from the "Get Started->Start With Sample Project"  we can neither execute tests to Internet Explorer v11 ("about:blank" always shows, never navigates to URL) nor record tests ("Connecting recorder" times out and gives error "Unable to connect Recorder.  Recording will not function...").  We have logging enabled and I can provide that if it would help.

Also, the "Test Studio Test Runner" application seems to misreport the version of IE (self-reports 11.885.17134.0) as 9.11.17134.0.  It also does not report a version for Chrome at all.  Please refer to attached image "TSRVersions.jpg".

Thanks in Advance,

Carl Eric McMillin



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Telerik team
answered on 12 Aug 2019, 02:55 PM
Hello Carl,

I am sorry to know you have encountered such inconsistent behavior with Test Studio and will be happy to assist you in sorting this out. 

To be able to examine the issue, I will need some additional details from your side. First will be, which is the version of Test Studio you have installed and which is the OS on the used machine. 

Then, I will appreciate if you generate an application log while trying to calibrate the browsers. To collect a log with the necessary details you can follow the below steps: 
1. Enable/Clear the log file. 
2. Open the project settings and go to the browsers tab
3. First restore the settings for any browsers which are already calibrated. 
4. Then calibrate all of these one by one and let me know the visual outcome of this action.
5. Confirm the changes and save the project. 
6. Collect the generated log and send it zipped via this thread. 

You mentioned that IE did not manage to either execute, or record tests and you have collected the application log for that - can you please share that one as well? 

In addition to the above requested details, I will appreciate if you share more details about the setup you need to configure. It will be important to know if this a machine with the Test Studio Run-time or the full product installed, how do you try to run the tests on that machine - is this is a remote execution? Are you able to run tests against the other browsers? 

I am looking forward to hearing back from you and continue the investigation. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. 

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