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Runtime Mongo TSStorageData files

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aplicaciones asked on 03 Oct 2018, 11:05 AM

We have been using Telerik Test Studio and Telerik Test Studio Runtime for a long time ( over a year).
We have installed Telerik Runtime Product Version: and for the moment we are not considering in updating it... just for the moment.

With regards to the issue we are facing, I believe is more related to Mongo DB but as this is used by the Runtime and filled with Runtime data this is why I'm asking here.
Our Mongo DB installation is taking 75GB of space and we are close to taking all the space on that machine.
c:\mongo\db --> 75GB
Mainly the contents of this folder are files like these:
- TSStorageData.22

- mongo-server.log.2017-10-25T14-57-27

My question is if I can delete these files directly from the File Explorer without worrying if this will impact on the current execution of the Runtime or if there is any other way to clean this up as is taking most of the space on that machine.


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answered on 05 Oct 2018, 11:55 AM

Hi Sebastian,

The DB on your side has indeed increased a lot. As for deleting manually any of the TSStorageData files, it could destroy your data base so we don’t recommend doing it.

If you want to reduce the size of your data base, you can manually delete old and unused Test Results through Test Studio. Still, keep in mind that Mongo DataBase will not free the unused space to the operation system, instead it will keep it for future use. Therefore, you have to execute db.repaitDataBase() towards TSStorageData in mongo shell. This will trigger a compact command on every collection and free the unused space to the system. Before doing  that however, please take a complete backup of your data base, because there is a chance the above operation to corrupt it.

Additionally, there is another option which is very rigid and can be used only if you don’t need any of your old test results. This said, if you decide to go with this, please take a complete backup of your database below proceeding with the bellow procedure.

When you are sure that you have collected the backup successfully and you don’t need any of the old test results you can do the following:

1.      Stop your storage service.

2.      Delete your database trough command line or with Robo 3T tool.

3.      Start storage service.

4.      Start Test Studio and run and schedule new run. Test Studio will recreate an empty data base.

I hope the above will help you. If you will require further assistance however, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Stoyan Yankov
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