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Run a testcase/project on specific browser in testlist

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Rishabh asked on 07 Apr 2021, 10:42 PM


I have a question related to running a specific test case in the test list to run on a specific browser.
I have two test cases.
     A) Loads the website.
     B) Loads the website.
I want to add both of them to the Test List and would like testcase A to be executed on Chrome and IE (both) but testcase B to be executed only on IE.
Current Configuration:
Under Projects:
Test Case A --> Properties "BrowserType" --> NotSet
Test Case B --> Properties "BrowserType" -->InternetExplorer
TestLists --> Properties, "Browser" --> NotSet; "ExecutingBrowsers" --> IE, and Chrome
With my current Config, Test Studio does the following

Open IE --> Run testcase A and B,
then Open Chrome --> Run testcase A, Opens IE (Again) --> Runs testcase B

Thus, I am looking a way to tell Test Studio, that if the browser does not match then please ignore the testcase in the testlist.

Please let me know if this is achievable.


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Telerik team
answered on 08 Apr 2021, 11:39 AM

Hi RG,

Thank you for the thorough description of the scenario you are trying to cover - these are really helpful to understand the case in overall. 

However, I have to admit that the test list execution has no mechanism, which allows to exclude a test run based on some criterion. One possible option for this is to separate the tests in different test lists and configure these as per the listed requirements - execute Test A in Chrome and IE, and execute Test B only in IE (either using the test property, or the test list setting).

There is one more option, which you might find helpful for this case - you can create dynamic test lists in Test Studio. There are few of the test properties, among which you can choose which tests to be included in the test list and these will be picked dynamically for each test list run - these are the three user defined custom properties, name, owner, path and priority. 

You can change these properties any time you need to change the tests to be executed in a test list together. This will still not allow you to change the browsers in the described pattern, but you will be able to control the tests you need to run.

Please, have a look on these suggestions and let me know, if these will work for your needs. Do not hesitate to share any further observations you might have. 

Thank you once again for your cooperation.

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