Possible to group elements in Silverlight app?

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    Posted 22 Feb 2014 Link to this post

    I have a silverlight app with hundreds of recorded objects, but I'm getting to the point where the objects are not easy to find/maintain.  Is it possible to group objects by a particular element, say the RadPaneGroup or RadSplitContainer elements?  This would make it easier to find/use the elements needed for each test.

    A copy/paste from the DOM explorer for an element I'd like to group by: 
    <RadSplitContainer Name='contentTypesSplitContainer' AutomationId='contentTypesSplitContainer' Uid='16367560'>

    I've tried to modify the SilverlightApp identification filter to:
    RadSplitContainer Name is exactly contentTypesSplitContainer 
    I get the error "We could find the element using the back-up search.  Modify the settings below or click the 'Troubleshoot' button." when I enter this manually into the filter criteria.

    I've tried to navigate through the DOM and right-click and select "Replace element" on the above DOM object but I get the error "The technology of the element you have selected does not correspond to the current type!" when trying to replace the identifying filter with the "SilverlightApp" page/object.

    Is it possible to clean up the Elements list at all, or am I stuck with hundred of objects in the Elements repository?  I know I can filter down based on the test, but I prefer to have some sort of order to my repository in case I need to select an object manually.
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    Posted 26 Feb 2014 Link to this post

    Hi Nick,

    Thank you for contacting us!

    Indeed, Test Studio records elements based on pages. If you happen to record hundreds of elements against one and the same page (I've seen such really huge applications customers automate) you are likely to get hundreds of nodes under the same page/SilverlightApp parent. Unfortunately the elements explorer does not support custom views and I suggest you vote on the feature request.

    The best available today is setting friendly names to the elements prior to adding manually (the first option in the recording element menu) so that you can easy search for those later using the built in search option exposed in the Elements Explorer UI. I've seen customers manually adding all the elements they will need in order to set friendly names then using the Step Suggestions feature to build their tests. Whether to prompt for element name prior to adding to the repository is controlled by the setting on top of the General ones as in the screenshot here.

    Konstantin Petkov
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